I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, September 30, 2019


My day started out with a hope and a prayer … and Elohim was faithful.

I hoped there would be no snafu’s: there wasn’t ;-)

I prayed that Elohim would get me from home to my destination … and back again without undue notice from the patrolling unmarked police cruisers: everything went smoothly.

I prayed that the procedure would be accomplished speedily and with as little pain involved as possible: I was favored.

My view from 'the chair'. LOL The bright, colorful Fall leaves helped redirect my thoughts.
Prepped and waiting for the torture to begin ...

I prayed that the $$$ set aside for this procedure would be enough: it was, with leftover to spare :-D

Just got home a few minutes ago – I feel like a Mack truck is parked on my face ... but, other than that, everything seems to be going as smoothly as possible. There is no noticeable bruising or swelling. The procedure WAS kinda torturous: the hallow shaft did not come out easily; there was a LOT a roughness involved in extracting it. But, it is out now, and I am relieved. The pain – at the moment seems to be tolerable.

My pain killers.
If I don't end up with 'dry socket', the pain really is tolerable. Painful; but doable.

I got a text from Cheryl telling me she was thinking of me and hoping everything goes well; I appreciate her and her thoughts  she is a good friend to me. But I miss cuddling up next to Bob and letting him comfort me.