I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, August 4, 2019


I will, on occasion, slip from talking ABOUT Bob – to talking TO Bob.
To me, this is my new ‘norm’.
And I am okay with that: I believe there is Biblical basis to back me up on this.
After all, I OPENLY TALK TO ELOHEI – at home, or in public – and I am perfectly comfortable TALKING TO THE LIVING: Elohei is a live person … and so is Bob; though NEITHER RESIDE IN A PHYSICAL BODY. They are as alive as you and I are – but on a different plane of existence.
ON THE SAME NOTE … I will say that when Christians {channel} a dead person, THAT IS TABOO.
I knew a woman, a decade ago, whose mother had died, and she actively sought to communicate with her dead mother through a form of spiritism. That is NOT okay for Christians to do!
Christians are not to consult the dead, for anything, on behalf of the living.
Not only is it forbidden … it is futile activity. Efforts to communicate with the dead for wisdom and guidance are useless – the dead cannot inform the living about anything that is happening in the here-and-now; the dead have NO knowledge of everyday life for the living (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6).
Isaiah 63:16 tells us plainly that, even those seated in Heavenly high places, are unaware of earthly activity, and therefore, is unable to assist humans.
There is a very fine line between what is acceptable – and what is NOT acceptable – to Christians.
I may, on occasion, feel Bob’s spirit hovering on the perimeter of my new life; but I do NOT ACTIVELY INVITE him to breach that perimeter. That would be wrong on every level. And it would invoke activity that would not be wholesome, or holy.
When I lapse into speaking to Bob, I am thanking him for being a part of my life – I am not asking him to guide me in my new life without him. I am not asking him to send me a sign that he is interfering with my life – good or bad: as a Christian, SEEKING SIGNS IS FORBIDDEN.
IF Elohim WANTS TO FAVOR me WITH a feather, or the presence of a dragonfly the color of Bob’s eyes … I will appreciate that. AND THANK HIM … not Bob. It is right to thank Elohim for His gifts: it is NOT okay to give that glory (credit) to Bob.
Though the dead CAN SEE US, and HEAR US, their lives are no longer concerned about the things that concern us – THEY ARE BEYOND THOSE THINGS now. And they have no power, whatsoever, to help us with anything.
We may feel comforted by knowing that “we have a host of witnesses around us” (Hebrews 12:1) … BUT, that is as far as we can take things with them. We CAN BE ENCOURAGED by Elohim’s FAITHFULNESS TO REWARD THEM WITH THE PRIZE OF LIFE, which is our hope also; but that encouragement is to MOVE US BOLDLY THROUGH OUR LIFE HERE with the knowledge that if we run the race well, we too, will be favored with eternal life and joy unspeakable.
And, we are encouraged to behave as though those who passed into eternity are still in sight – cheering us on to the same victory of The Faith – inspiring us by their examples set before us while they were yet still walking among us. They are bearing witness to the life of faith we are living’
Christians MUST RELY SOLELY ON Elohei for guidance, and wisdom.
Spouses, parents, and grandparents that have passed on can no longer help us.
ONLY YESHUA CAN HELP US: and He is WHO we should be seeking guidance and wisdom from.