I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


This is a GOOD day!

A huge load has been lifted off us today :-D

We had to submit some more financial papers to the hospital financial administration office this morning; and when we did, the financial administration aide ((((cleared us 100%!!!)))) While she was talking to us, she was also deleting every single bill from the hospital docket. I just burst out into joyful tears and praising Elohim, I was so relieved; Hubs has been so worried – I watched him shake the heavy burden off his shoulders and every muscle in his body physically relaxed before my eyes. I know that as Christians we are not supposed to be anxious for anything, but as humans it is not that easy when you are sitting under a dark cloud that is raining on your parade. Now his heart is lighter and we can breathe easy again.


We did a little shopping in town too before coming back home. We stopped at Lowe’s to grab 2 dozen packing boxes which I will start loading sometime this week with things we aren’t using on a daily basis so we can pack and go when we get the green light and won’t get tripped up with frenzied last minute packing when the day arrives; the call to "come join us!" could be next week, it could be months down the road: but whenever the call comes, we will be ready to load and boogie …

Our next stop was Safeway, where we bought some protein drinks for Hubs to rebuild his strength since his bland diet is putting him off and his appetite has fallen by the wayside. He does seem to enjoy fresh fruit though, so … we grabbed some black grapes, cantaloupe, fruit mixes to be blended into tasty fruit drinks, and a strange and weird looking Korean Melon too – never had it before, so we’re curious ;-)

And while we were in town … loading the car with cases of bottled water at Wal*Mart – where one expects to see strange things – I was amused to see what was parked in the parking space next to our car; only in a small town trying to pass itself off as a small city, would something like this even happen:

Back home, I drained my full rain barrels – that was hard to do (200 gallons of water wasted!), but it had to be done: can’t load and unload full barrels at our age. And Heron Pointe manager has been formally informed (Bylaw requirement) that we would be selling, and moving, as soon as Hubs is able to safely travel; if we find a new home that allows it, we will take the rain barrels and the 6 new & empty planter boxes to our new locale – the patio Apple trees, Blueberry bushes, and Strawberry jar will go with us regardless; but the 6 boxes full of soil will stay behind.

And a surprise awaited us in our phone message: we’ve have another ‘shared-living’ arrangement floated our way from an unexpected couple. We are going to have to pray long and hard about both offers. Both offers are workable, but we want to be in Elohei’s Will no matter what happens: prayer is definitely the only way to assure that we will be ;-)

But for today, I am happy to see my husband relaxed and in a happy mood again.

Today is a GOOD day :-D