I'll Meet You There ...

Saturday, August 11, 2018


This finger puppet is the last one in this particular finger puppet set (http://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/07/old-glory-americana-finger-puppet-set_30.html).

I designed and crafted MOD Tea Party Indian Friday evening and finished it up in the wee Saturday morning hours. I used a simplistic pictures of a Mohawk Indian because after I did further research on authentic and historic ethnic Mohawk clothing, I decided it fit. Because it was a simple design, it worked up very quickly:

Mohawk costume
Tea Party 'Mohawk Indian'. Front view
Tea Party 'Mohawk Indian'. Side view
Tea Party 'Mohawk Indian'. Back view

Next to George Washington and Betsy Ross, the recounting of the December 16th, 1773 Tea Party ‘Indians’ who boarded a british cargo ship destroying tea chests and dumping the contents into the Boston Harbor in a spectacular display of outraged American tax boycott on british goods … later known as ‘The Boston Tea Party’ as part of our proud American History, is one of my favorite American Revolutionary stories ;-)