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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I designed this lightweight beanie the other day; I wanted a lightweight hat for the summer months for males and could not find a pattern I was happy with – I searched the internet and asked at various Crafting groups, all to no avail. All beanie hats were made with worsted weight yarns … not what I wanted at all!

So, I decided to design and make my own ;-)

These Spring/Summer weight beanies will give chemo patients the warmth they need without the unwanted weight or overheat a worsted weight beanie would incur. I designed and crafted my lightweight male chemo beanie after the style of skull caps worn in the Middle East regions (basically a widened Kippah with sides) because I felt the shorter sided style would best fit warmer months and bald heads. I added the hem band, which adds to the length because chemo patients/critical stage patients get cold and need the extra length for warmth.

These beanies make up quickly – I made 3 of them last night (turquoise, brown, light blue). Of course, I am a recent widow and have time on my hands with no husband or children to look after now. My husband is in Heaven, and our children and grandchildren have lives of their own that they are building. I have been put out to pasture, so to speak, and so spend my spare time when I am not engaging in cookathons or outside gardening, designing and crafting handcrafted donations for the local Hospital Donation Foundation. I enjoy the tranquility of working handcrafts, and it gives me pleasure to help, in some small way, to make and give what I can to ease another’s suffering. I found out recently what it is to be trapped in a dreary hospital environment, so I hope and pray that my colorful donation items will help add a little much needed cheer and brightness to the recipients’ long and often bleak days.

I am sharing this pattern trusting the reader/user will not claim it as their own, sell it for profit, or otherwise steal it for personal reasons. The pattern is free-use to those making hospital donation items to make life a bit easier for those going through chemo and those going through it with them. If you cannot fully understand the pattern as written, please feel free to contact me and ask for clarification. I have made my chemo beanies in solid colors as well as bicolored – instructions for those changes are included in the pattern:


Materials: Lightweight baby or sports yarns; #G crochet hook; scissors; yarn craft needle

TOP PORTION: Ch 2; 10 sc in 1st ch. Jn with a sl st (10 sc). Ch 1
Rnd 1: *Inc-1 sc next st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (15 sc). Ch 1
Rnd 2: *Inc-1 sc next 2 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (20). Ch 1
Rnd 3: *Inc-1 sc next 3 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (25). Ch 1
Rnd 4: *Inc-1 sc next 4 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (30). Ch 1
Rnd 5: *Inc-1 sc next 5 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (35). Ch 1
Rnd 6: *Inc-1 sc next 6 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (40). Ch 1
Rnd 7: *Inc-1 sc next 7 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (45). Ch 1
Rnd 8: *Inc-1 sc next 8 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (50). Ch 1
Rnd 9: *Inc-1 sc next 9 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (55). Ch 1
Rnd 10: *Inc-1 sc next 10 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (60). Ch 1
Rnd 11: *Inc-1 sc next 11 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (65). Ch 1
Rnd 12: *Inc-1 sc next 12 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (70). Ch 1
Rnd 13: *Inc-1 sc next 13 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (75). Ch 1
Rnd 14: *Inc-1 sc next 14 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (80). Ch 1
Rnd 15: *Inc-1 sc next 15 st*; rpt from * to * around. Jn (85). Ch 1
Rnd 16: Sc in 9 st, *Inc-1 sc in next 16 st*; rpt from * to * around: end 1 sc last 6 sts. Jn (90 sc). DO NOT ch 1.

If you are changing colors, drop main color and join contrast color now.

SIDE PORTION: Continue now in rounds without chain 1 addition. Sc in rounds for 13 rounds (3” length from last round of top portion work).

If you are changing colors, drop contrasting color and join alternate color now.

FINISH beanie off with sc worked in back loops only for the next 4 rounds (1” from last round of side portion work).

EO work and weave in yarn ends.


Monday I finished up the lapghan I have been working on …

I think it worked up very nicely :-D

This lapghan is bright and sunny, and it is the 3rd quilt-style patterned lapghan I have made for the Hospital Donation Foundation. The 2nd one was a pink and purple alternating granny square lapghan edged in bright yellow (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/04/facing-filter-beast.html).

The pattern, which I posted last month, works up quickly too (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/03/mod-jade-flower-granny-square-lapghan.html).