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Sunday, July 22, 2018


Yesterday I posted the 1st finger puppet – John Adams – I designed and crafted for MOD ‘Old Glory Americana’ themed finger puppets (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/07/old-glory-americana-finger-puppet-set.html); Abigail Adams is John’s wife and she is the 2nd of this set to be completed. I worked steadily on Abigail last night from 8 p.m until around 1:30 a.m. this morning:

Abigail Adams FP FINISHED.

The more I look into the background of the American Revolutionary War and those involved in it, the more I appreciate their personal sacrifices and futuristic outlook. Hope is a revolutionary concept; and hope is sadly lacking in America among Americans today :-(

As I mentioned yesterday, these finger puppets could be a fun way to spice up the American History studies for the small fry ;-)

Abigail Adams back view.
White mop cap ‘bonnet’, Brown Hair, & Skipper Blue dress w- White trims.
White gathered mop cap, neck lace & frilly dress sleeves.
White trimmed bodice highlighted with Skipper Blue lacing.

I am basically designing and crafting this set for my 2018 Bazaar Cache, but will make a set for anyone interested and messages me. The entire set will be priced at $25, which is a fair price for them … and far below value for my materials and hours put in – to date I have 10-1/2 Hours invested (of which I take 1 or 2 quick ‘pit stop exits’ to the bathroom when needed. I am only asking ONE HOUR COST at minimum wage for the entire set); and while using scraps to make the finger puppets, I will need to purchase 3 skeins of yarn (@ $3.85 EA) to make the carry/storage pouch to put them into. As I stated in the yesterday’s post, I ask $5 a piece for my finger puppets, but as you can calculate by what I just posted … ALL the other finger puppets in this set will - for all intents and purposes - be FREE; as well as the hours I put in last night; and will put in until the set is completed and tagged. And my finger puppets are designed to hold up under active and prolonged use: unlike those made in asia or south america that can be purchased in children’s clothing stores and fall apart practically before the cashier has closed the cashier’s drawer.