I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, July 16, 2018


Hubs spent Friday & Saturday making me 2 more rain barrel stands – ((((LOVE YOU BABE! You’re the best *kiss-kiss*)))) …


And I spent Saturday and Sunday evenings anticipating the refreshing chill of Fall (I am not a sun worshipper; hot days make it really hard for me to breathe, so I can’t wait for Summer to get over and Fall to arrive so I can draw an easy breath again) and making new slippers for us; I used yarn I had on hand because I am not wanting to buy more until all the outside projects are done:

Hub's slippers got done up first … and safeguarded with puffpaint against the rough stone flooring. I worked straight through on these after he went to bed and finished up about 3 a.m. For some reason his puffpaint application looks thinner, but it's not - that's just the way it dried.
My slippers done up and safeguarded against the stone flooring. These took just about the same amount of time, but I started earlier in the evening and finished up around midnight last night.

Today I started harvesting onions after I saw a few starting to bud while watering the garden beds this morning; the screwed up video below says 13, but I actually pulled more afterwards and ended up with 20 peeled and chopped for the freezer; I’ll probably do more tomorrow sometime. While I was pulling onions I peripherally saw a big butterfly float past my head and watched it settle on the flowers in the carport next door – a big pretty yellow and black Swallowtail Butterfly. Then, as I was walking through our messy carport to grab a wire cage for the cukes in one of my garden bed, I spotted a little green and black Pacific Tree Frog squatting in one of my plastic pot saucers; so cute! Later, watering my geraniums I saw a little brown grasshopper perked on a leaf and watched a hummingbird drink deeply from one of the feeders hanging on the porch – with all these critters floating, hopping, and buzzing around I must have a pretty healthy ecosystem happening here :-D It makes this country gal’s heart joyful to see all this active wildlife in the middle of the city ...

Onion harvest - don't know why the video came out sideways and apparently there is no way to fix the issue. Very annoying! But I am happy with the harvest ;-)
Pretty Swallowtail Butterfly next door
Frog in carport

Hopefully the garden boxes will ALL be finished this year so I clean our messy carport; right now it is our warehouse of sorts, haphazardly crammed with lumber & wire cages for my gardens; large cardboard boxes I want to cut down to cover the soil in my garden boxes in the Fall to cut down on weeds; and various container pots waiting to be filled with pretty flowers to set out in the front flower-bed area. Last year the mess was from all the in-home overhauls – this year it is the outside overhaul items. Hopefully next year EVERYTHING will BE DONE, and the carport will revert BACK TO a normal carport and stop looking like a junkyard.