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Friday, July 6, 2018

Busy, BUSY, B.U.S.Y. Day!

Got up early this morning and the day got real busy real fast <:-O

Started out by watering the garden, deadheading flowers, and pulling unproductive plants … like the cherry tomatoes that the smoker next door murdered with his constant chimney smoking – it has not escaped my notice that the inconsiderate jerk does not smoke around HIS garden plants behind his house! This moron smokes one cigarette after another like there is no tomorrow and he literally sits as close to my garden beds as he can sucking and blowing smoke like a steam engine >:-P GRRRRR!!!! My cherry tomatoes never stood a chance …

… and as soon as I came inside Hubs suggested running into town and getting THREE MORE rain barrels to add to the one he set up a few months ago; oh yeah! I can go for that!

Second and third rain barrels to collect water in; YIPPIE!!!!
And a third - which makes a total of 4. Hubs has finally come to agree with me that this is a good idea; it is spendy to start with, but the savings will add up in no time at all. Add to the new barrels that will hold 400 GALLONS OF WATER EACH when full the 33 gallon barrel I already have PLUS the 33 gallon Garbage Can I have in my garden area to gather freefall water also … and we are set for bear ;-) Granted the garbage can does not gather water as quickly or as often as each rain barrel given that it is not connected directly to a substantial flow of rain water, but it is helpful – and every bit of free water is a boost as far as I am concerned – less $$$ going out to the City for poisoned water, and MORE $$$$ being set aside for enjoyable things; like mini vacas ;-)
Sturdy lumber to make the barrel stands to hold 1200 pounds of water - 33 GALLON BARRELS times 3 is A LOT OF WEIGHTY WATER!
I hope to have the new rain barrels installed along this corner of the house ... closer to the raised beds. The lava rock is nice for maintenance, but it is HELL on old knees. Closer to the raised beds sounds like a plan to me. The gutter drain is smaller, but it doesn’t matter really since the Emerald State is known for its ABUNDANCE of RAIN – long drain pipe or short drain pipe doesn’t really matter; it all adds up in the  nd to the same amount gathered. MPO

While we were running around downtown, I also bought 2 new perennials to add to the front flower bed by the carport ... a neon green leafed Coleus with teeny pale blue trumpet-like blossoms waiting in its designated spot to be planted tomorrow …

… and I also bought a brilliant blue hued double-petal Delphinium to go in the front flowerbed near the garden area; also waiting to be placed in it's forever spot tomorrow. Yu’all know I LOVE bold colors – whether I am working out new designs for the Bazaar circuit; or designing a flowerbed with a “pow!” appeal and I want these flowerbeds to say "HELLO!" all year long, so I am working on a scheme to keep each season colorfully prmoted:-D

And that got me to thinking that I really need to switch out the underside of the tree out front – I had thought that would be a shady spot, but it turns out that the sunshine throws some mighty bright/heat-infused rays under those branches! So I need to pull the parched and singed primroses and begonias, and tuck them in the flowerbeds where they can’t be baked to death, and replant that area under the tree with chunky hens and chick sedums that will thrive in the brilliant sun drenched patch of ground. I certainly have no shortage of those prolific things!

Today was a busy day; and it looks like tomorrow will be just as busy – if not
busier ;-)