I'll Meet You There ...

Thursday, June 13, 2019




I drove into town to pick up some cash for my adventure tomorrow, and when I saw the red lettering along this dollar bill’s margin, I knew the teller had given me a traveling man bill – and this song immediately ran through my thoughts : D

I “tracked” my Traveling George Bill through this link:  https://www.npr.org/2013/03/24/174966382/wheres-george-the-trail-of-1-bills-across-the-u-s and was told {The Serial Number you provided E08227894B* is not valid. It must start with two letters, then have eight numbers, then end with a letter or asteriskThe serial number E08227894B* you entered has never been printed. Please re-try.} I don’t know what to say to that. Obviously the bill has been printed, and it is legit currency. I got it at the Bank; where tellers are trained in legit and illegal currencies.

Be that as it may … I am going strawberry picking tomorrow with Cheryl & Mike at a farm in Goble, OR. WITH my “never been printed” dollar bill. Tomorrow’s adventure is an answer to prayer: I have been missing a companiable drive, and they know how I like to get out and go – so I was invited along ;-) It will be fun - half the fun of a drive is sharing it with someone: I have been to Goble, but I have never been to the farm I am going to tomorrow.

I do grow strawberries here at home, but I also know that tomorrow’s pick of strawberries are organic too; and a little extra surplus will be a plus this Winter when a taste of Spring will be very welcome.

Yesterday, street work at the Park started, and it is making things difficult:

This speed bump is right outside my livingroom window, and right alongside my driveway ...

Every single street in Heron Pointe Park has been turned into a 1-way street, and getting cars in and out of driveways (no on-street-parking allowed until this project is completed) gets dicey – some people just do not know how to back up without blocking the entire street off until they get it fgured out.

Backing up was one of the driving issues Bob was a stickler about, so I learned to back up very well. Bob always liked to have the vehicles backed into place in the driveways in case we had to make a night flight someplace; it was easier to just get in the car and pull right onto the street. And take off. So, when I got my driver’s license, I practiced backing up and down our long driveway at our first home together on Cathlamet.

I got so good at it, that I could zip down that driveway coming and going using only the mirrors – that made Bob very proud of me.

And I always liked him to be proud of me ;-)

I always park backed into our driveways.

But these streets here at Heron Pointe are pretty tight streets – the owners do not believe in spending their greedily demanded Space rent money on making things easier for the tenants here … like a little extra roadway both sides of the street to make passing cars a little less hair-raising. But, because I had a good driving instructor (my husband), I manage.

Last night, before turning in, I also figured out how to set the Forecaster Weather icon that was driving me batty with the psycho flashing that had every weather situation happening at once – rain, thunder, snow, sleet, sunshine … you name it  it was flashing crazily!

It took some time, but I did eventually get the darned thing set correctly – and I did not have to tap anyone else to help me :-D

I did it myself!!

This afternoon, the street workers finished painting the other side of the speed bumps; tomorrow they will probably get busy painting the white side lines …

While they worked on the streets, I worked at spraying BT in my garden area trying to eradicate garden pests that are comping their way through my cabbage family plants – and stunting my Patio Apple Tree growth, which is seriously affecting my apple put out this year:

Sorry about the audio - can't control the river winds ...

Those caterpillars rampaging through my little garden space may have {been everywhere, man} before setting up camp here; but they will be stopped here.

1st CORINTHIANS ~Chapter 4

Men should look upon us as servants of Mashiach, as stewards of the mysteries of Elohei. And to sum it up the main requirement of a steward is that he be found faithful. With me, it is a very small matter that I should be judged by you, or tried before a human court. I do not even pass judgment pf myself. For although my conscience does not reprove me for anything, that does not mean that I am innocent. It is Adonai Yeshua that judges me. Therefore, do not pass any premature judgments, but wait until Yeshua comes back. He will throw light on what is now hidden in darkness, and He will reveal the motives in men’s hearts. Every man will then receive from Elohim Himself the praise that is his due.

Brethren, the reason why I have applied all this to myself and Apollos is that you may profit by it, that you may learn from us not to go beyond what the Scriptures permit, and that no one of you should boast of one person in preference to another. After all, who makes one superior to another? Or, what is it that you have that has not been given you? So if you have received it s a gift, why do you boast as though you have earned it?

Are you already satisfied? Have you already become rich? Have you already taken possession of your kingdom without our help? I surely could wish that you now occupied your thrones, and that we, too, might reign with you. Indeed, it seems to me that Elohim has placed us Apostles last and least among men, like men under sentence of death. Truly, we are a spectacle of the whole creation, to Angels as well as men. For Mashiach’s sake we are fools, but you are wise in Mashiach. We are weak, but you are strong. You are held in honor, but we are in disrepute.

Up to the present moment, we have suffered hunger and thirst. We are poorly clad. We have been abused and beaten. We have no home. We have worked hard with our hands for a living. When men revile us, we answer with a blessing; when they slander us, we just beg them to cease. We are considered as worthless filth, the scum of the earth, to this very day.

No, I am not writing these things to make you feel ashamed. Rather, I counsel you as my beloved children. Foe even if you had ten thousand Christian teachers, you have only one father. It was I who became your father in Yeshua Mashiach when I preached the Gospel to you. I plead with you, therefore, to follow my example. It was for this reason that I sent you Timothy, my beloved and faithful child in Adonai Yeshua, to remind you of my walk in Mashiach Yeshua, which is the same as I preach everywhere in every church.

Some among you seem to think that I am never again going to visit you, and they have, therefore, become puffed up. But I am coming to you again, and that very soon, Elohim willing. Then I shall find out, not so much what these conceited ones say, as what they can do. For Elohei’s Kingdom does not consist of mere words, but of deeds to match them. What is it you wish? Would you rather see me come with a stick in hand, or with a loving, gentle spirit?