I'll Meet You There ...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


It was already 70-degrees outside when I woke up this morning, so I did my mile walk around the park straight off.

There were a lot of bold colors making their appearances bright and early:

These pretty tri-color petunias caught my eye.
Nothing could be bolder than this blood-red day-lily: even the stamens were blood red!
I have always liked the ‘Joseph’s Coat’ climbing rose. I used to have one at our previous home in Lexington – the house we sold 2 years ago to move here. I trained it to ramble the length of the chain link fence surrounding the front yard. We got a lot of compliments from passersby.
Two-tone orange day-lily.

And I skirted sticky, fresh, hot tar all the way around the park – there was no street that had not been painted with the stinky gooey stuff. Heading toward the home stretch, 1 block from our home, I saw these fellas hard at work, and actually felt sorry for them because it was so stinking hot – both the temperature, and the sticky tar. I also saw some bald-headed eagles soaring overhead; so of course, I had to stop and get a picture of them. I love eagles. The eagle, the wolf, and the cougar are my Lakota spirit animals: strong animal spirit for a strong woman ;-)

My granddaughter used to call me “strong-fisted woman”; and she didn’t even know my background before I became a “strong Christian woman”. LOL! She just knew that I will stare people down without blinking if need be, and I am resilient …

Tarring Heron Pointe streets.

When I got back home, it was 85 degrees and climbing, so I watered all of my garden beds because tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today.

Oy vey!

And I carried water with me from bed to bed so I didn't get dehydrated or suffer a kiss-of-death sunstroke after all those yo-yoing 70 to 45 degree day fluctuation before today's sun overdose:

When I saw this KINK in my ‘NO KINK’ hose, I just threw my hands up and consigned myself to wresting hoses for the rest of my life; there is no escape from the kinky kinks.
I also had an unwelcome garden crasher who was after water on this hot day. I have to be very careful around bees, wasps, and hornets because I will have an anaphylaxis kiss-of-death reaction if stung.
Christmas glove strawberry; LOL
Today’s strawberry harvest. I am going to make Strawberry Bread with them.

The soaring temperatures peaked at 95 degrees outside by 5 p.m., and I finally relented and turned the air conditioner on.

95 degrees in a humid rain-forest environment is like a kiss of death to Washington web-footer’s.

Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 98 to 100 degrees tomorrow; a kiss of death kinda day that packs a punch with it.

Whatever has to get done tomorrow will either get done very early in the morning … or put off to another day.