I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

SONG: Psalms 61

SONG: I Will Worship You - Matthew Ward

People ask how I know God is real.

All I can say is …

I am loved wholly and completely by God.

I am blessed so much by God that there are no words to adequately thank my God for all that He has done for me.

I am highly favored; my God always has time for me. No matter what time of the day – He never puts me on hold. I can talk plainly to my God and He doesn’t ignore or punish me.

My God has blessed me with a wonderful man to call husband. My God hand picked my husband … and then made sure we met and secured the deal ;-) My husband and I are perfectly matched in every way.

I know my God is real because He has TWICE resurrected my husband back to me – twice my husband was dead: even put in a body bag destined for the morgue. And yet he is alive today. Nothing BUT the power of Almighty God could have brought him back to life after 25 minutes of being dead. I KNOW that God IS real every time I look across the room and see my husband, hear his voice and laughter, watch him walk across the grass towards me, feel his arms wrap around me, or look at me with tender, loving eyes. I know God is real because my husband is not handicapped – my God restored him to me BETTER than before he died. Only the power of God could have done that.

I know God is real when I see my beautiful grandchildren – children doctors had told my daughter TWICE would be an impossibility given all her internal medical issues. God has blessed our family with a granddaughter and a grandson – exactly 18 years apart: my granddaughter graduated high school the first week of June, and my grandson was born the last week of June. I know God is real because He made a way where there was no way. A grandson! We had not had a boy born into our family in 45 years until God blessed us with our handsome and happy grandson.

I know God is real because He has healed me of various physical ailments over the past years – the most recent one being my eyes; I had been suffering severe night blindness for 2 long years, but since November of this year – when I asked Him to heal my eyes – I am not blinded by headlights on the roadways at night anymore: either as passenger OR AS DRIVER. My God answers me quickly and once and for all … there is no lengthy ‘adjustment period’ like with doctors. I was blind, but now I SEE; that is what I know. And that is all I NEED to know.

I know God is real and cares for me; my entire life has been a living testimony of His goodness and faithfulness.

When this life ends and I walk into glory, I will place my crown at His feet … and it will seem a paltry action given all that He has done for me.

SONG: To The King

There are hard times in life; when you may ask, "WHY???"
For those times there really are no answers.
When you have done all that you possibly can within your power to make it through the dark tunnel and emerge into the Light at the end ...
For those times you have to rely on the promises of Almighty God. SATURATE yourself with The Word - devour it morning, noon, and night; think on it when you rise in the morning, move through the day, and lay down at night. SPEAK God's Word BACK TO Him: He doesn't need "reminding", but you need the affirmation. LEAN ON His chest - there is no shame in needing comfort in times of struggle. REST IN the comfort of His abiding love. TRUST that He knows what you are going through and that He is right there beside you, walking through the struggle with you - encouraging you and cheering you on.

To the King of Kings I give my life because He gave His life for me so that I NEVER ... EVER ... have to face the hard times in life alone.

MUSIC: James Gang - Funk #49