I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, September 10, 2017


It rained last night and earlier this morning – not a lot, but enough to make the air fresh again. I hadn’t realized how burnt-brown and dried-out our world had become until the wildfires sent so much smoke into the hemisphere that is shrouded the sun and turned it blood-red in the hazy overhang. I was miffed when I first felt the raindrops because I had wanted the roof on the house before the rains came, but it smelt so darned good I couldn’t really work up enough anger to keep the miffed angst alive.

Instead we went shopping :-)

It was over to Home Depot, then to Lowe’s, where we looked at kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, floor tiles, and a deep ‘farmer’s kitchen sink’. Matt & Chris – our Contractors – met us there, and between the 4 of us we pulled the new kitchen design together and are pleased with the way it is formulated in our heads. Economically it’s a good design too – these guys deserve to be fairly compensated for their hard labor and I feel that with the items chosen, and the funds we have to work with, they will be. Kitchen Prep will start on Monday; thank Adonai. My understanding about the roof work is that THAT won’t start until the 17th – NOT HAPPY about that, but what can I do? Time was wasted in that regard and we can’t get it back, so we have no choice but to roll with it. Unhappily. I wanted the roof on BEFORE the rainy season started but things did not work out that way. Anyway, the kitchen design was worked around the floor tile design which is really colorful and reminds me of being outdoors walking in the sunshine on broken shale; the boxes of tile are a mixed lot with varying shades and color designs. When the tiles are laid out and put in place, the floor is going to be real nice when it’s installed. This is just one tile:

We all think this floor tile will go great with our dark floors in the rest of the house.
And the floor tile will be highlighted in the kitchen with the white walls and white cupboards. The colors will really 'POP!' with the sunlight streaming through the skylight and making the kitchen bright.

Since work on the house won’t officially start until tomorrow sometime, tonight we are spending the night back at home where the bed is kinder to our aging bodies, and I can get some clothes washed and repacked for the week ahead.