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Thursday, September 5, 2019

1 CORINTHIANS ~Chapter 10

1 CORINTHIANS ~Chapter 10

“I want to remind you, brethren, that our fathers all marched out of Egypt under the pillar of cloud, and all passed through the Red Sea. And they were all baptized in the cloud and in the sea as followers of Moshe. Furthermore, they all ate the same spiritual food. And they all drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank of the Spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Mashiach. Yet most of them disappointed Elohim, and their dead bones lay strewn in the wilderness.

These events are examples to us, warning us not to want to do evil as they did, for as Scripture says, ‘The people sat down to eat and drink, and roe up to dance.’ We are not to commit fornication, as some of them did, and 23,000 of whom fell dead in one day. Nor must we try the patience of Yeshua, as some of them did, and they were killed by serpents. We must not grumble, as some of them did, for which they were put to death by the destroying angel (Exodus 32:4 & 6; Numbers 25:1-18, 16:41 & 49, and 21:5 & 6).

These events that happened to them are examples, and are recorded as warnings to us who now live toward the end of time. It means this, that he who is sure he stands safely must take care for fear he may fall. You have had no temptation except such as is common to men. And Elohei is faithful, for He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, and when temptation does come, He will provide a way out of it so that you can come through victoriously.

My beloved brethren, shun idol worship altogether. I am talking to men of understanding, so you must weigh carefully what I say. The cup of blessing, which we take – is it not the blood of Mashiach that we share with Him? And the bread we break – is it not the body of Mashiach that we also share with Him? Though we are many, the one loaf makes us all one body, for we all share in the one bread.

See how the Jews do it! Are not those who eat the sacrifices, partners in the altar services? Now, what do I mean? A I saying that an idol-god really exists, or that food sacrificed to idols has some value? Not at all; for what the heathen sacrifice, they offer to devils, and not to Elohei. And I do not want to you to have any fellowship with devils. You cannot drink both the cup of Mashiach and the cup of devils. You cannot be a guest at both the Lord’s Supper and at the table of devils. Or are we trying to stir up Elohim’s anger? Surely, we are not stronger than He is, are we?

As I said, everything is lawful to me, but not everything is good for me, so I can add – everything is lawful for me, but not everything is constructive. Let no one, then, work only for his own good, but rather let each one seek the good of others. You may eat what is sold at the markets without ask any questions to satisfy your conscience. The Earth, with all that is in it, belongs to Mashiach.

Should some unbeliever ask you to dinner, and you wish to go, eat what is set before you without asking about anything to satisfy your conscience. But if someone says, ‘Thi9s was offered to an idol’, then do not eat it, considering your informant and that it is a matter of conscience. I refer not to your conscience, but to his. But why should my freedom be determined by another’s conscience? Or, why should they speak evil of me if I eat my meal in thankfulness and give thanks for what I eat? You should always give Elohim the glory, whether you eat or drink, or do anything else. Give no offense to Jew or Greek, not to the Church of God. It is my desire to please everyone in everything I do. I do not strive for personal profit, but seek the good of as many as possible, in order that they may be saved.’


This time, last year, was the hardest time of my life.

Not only had we been told Bob was dying, but I was put in a position that could have ended my husband’s life immediately.

I don’t regret that decision – BUT I DO REGRET taking Bob to ER in the first place.

I believe with all my heart, that the hospitals actually tortured my husband in their “saving his life” endeavors.

The hospitals, and Bob’s family, ALL made his death harder and more painful than it needed to be.

This is what was posted to our FB Page last year – today:


Valeria Hargand is feeling emotional :-(
September 5, 2018 at 9:31 PM

Was at the hospital all day long today.
And yes, the showdown with Bob's son happened. He started to run the show and override his father and I, and I just held up my hand and said, "Back up. Your input is welcome BUT you DO NOT get to make decisions FOR your father. HE makes his decisions. And when he can't, (((I))) will make executive decisions on his behalf."
And I had to hold my own with his pushy sisters too before the day was out.
Bottom line: doctors want to stop his heart and then restart it to stabilize an erratic heartbeat as well as bring his heart tempo down from 140 to a manageable 90 or so. Bob flat out said he did not want that and I honored that decision. That upset EVERYONE - doctors, nurses, son, sisters, mother ... you name it. BUT that is what HE DECIDED. Then another doctor came in and said that since Bob's speech was slurred and he was fidgety and confused he was probably in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and THAT is when I BLEW. I said, "STOP already! For 6 days you people have pulled out the medical stops and diagnosed him with one thing after another - throwing stuff at the damned wall to make it stick. and NOW you are trying this! STOP! For the love of God, STOP! My husband is NOT crazy; he was doing fine before we brought him in here last Thursday and you started pumping him full of crap. He was doing just fine 2 days ago BEFORE he was shifted here to ICU."
The doctor said, "Well he's been pulling at the IV's and pulling at his clothing for at least 3 days." And I said, "He DOES NOT WANT to be HERE. He has anxiety issues since he died for the 2nd time 30-some years ago, and he has NEVER wanted anything close to his neck ... not even my lips. And he does NOT want those IV's in him - he DOES NOT WANT any of this!"
The doc said, "What exactly doesn't he want?" And I waved my arms at the machinery, the IV's, the gown he kept pulling down from his neck ... "THIS!" I said, "he does not want ANY of this! If he is going to die, he wants to die at home in comfort with his family around him; not being poked, pulled at, pinched, examined, grilled when he is drugged out of his mind, and surrounded by strangers."
Doc said, " Well, he is not coherent enough to make a medical decision for himself tonight, and we will stop all meds on your say so. We'll hold him until tomorrow without medication, and see how he is feeling then." I said, "Fair enough. IF he wants the heart thingee - he can have it; if NOT, I want him released to go home." And the doc agreed.
And the nurse on staff when I went to kiss him goodbye at closing time, WAS GIVING HIM MEDS!
So that is where things stand as of now ...
Thank you.

And I STILL believe this too – nothing has changed my absolute faith in Almighty God. Bob & I both prayed His Will be done … and for the strength to face whatever His Will would be.

His Will was that Bob would go Home – we are both okay with that:


People wouldn’t know that just by looking at him.

Bob was 6’2”, and a hefty man as time progressed forward; he was my gentle giant.

Bob got along with everyone – but, he was a loner: even in a crowd.

Bob was an outdoors man; more at peace with nature, than crowded elbow-to-elbow with the human rat-race.

No one looking at Bob would think he had a romantic bone in him.

BUT, with me, Bob was gentle and loving. He took the time to plan surprises for me … and got a bang out of watching my excitement when he whisked me off to enjoy his surprises ;-)

Today, 5 years ago, Bob planned a surprise "Honeymoon" roadtrip for me while I slept – we didn't have a honeymoon when we married August 27th, 1974, because we got married in a fever; and Bob went to work as usual the following morning ;-)

This is how Bob & I felt from the get-go.

But, September 5th, 2014, he planned a romantic getaway; and whisked me off before my eyes were even sufficiently open to welcome the new morning. LOL! He started the adventure off with a trip to Mount Baker - then we made our way back home through Sedro Wooley & Leavenworth (https://leavenworth.org/). I asked him if he wanted me to spot drive him while we were on the road, and he said, "Nope - you just sit back and relax. This trip is for you: enjoy the sights."

That roadtrip lasted a full week.

He really surprised me: I will never forget it.

I will never forget the man who lavished so much affection on me.

Entering Seattle
The land of glass giants …
The Space Needle in the distance
Puget Sound - water always caught Bob's attention ... the way the mountains always caught mine.
Our first glimpse of Mount Baker … Canada is that close: if we had thought of it, we probably would have crossed into Canada too: the boundary line was that near. But, we didn't think about it until we were back home. We went and got our passports to go into Canada - but Bob was transported to Heaven instead.

Mount Baker is the youngest volcano in the Cascade Range, and has a thermally active crater – 2nd only to Mount St. Helens. Mount Baker’s last eruption was in 1880. Mount Baker is the 3rd highest mountain in the State of Washington, and the 5th highest mountain in the Cascade Range. Mount Baker is also the most heavily glaciated mountain in the Cascade Range, having 10 major glaciers documented. Mount Rainier is the only other mountain in the Cascade Range to outrank Mount Baker in snow accumulation ratio, although Mount Baker is one of the snowiest places in the world

Bob enjoying Picture Lake, with a view of Mount Shuksan: our Mount Baker trip, September 5th, 2014. What a guy!
Picture Lake, with a view of Mount Shuksan. This german couple said they come to this scenic spot every year from their home in Tacoma, Washington.
We were so high in elevation that tree growth was severely stunted and handicapped.
Columns of Fire basalt rock strewn around like pickup sticks
Beautiful alpine lake
Lava fields …
Mount Baker’s peak
We were very high up in elevation …
The danger here was very present – and very real
This pretty bold hued “pond” may look small, BUT that is a deceptive illusion: it was pretty large in actuality.
We were walking over that trail like billy goats: I hate heights, but for some reason, trails like this in the mountains don’t seem to bother me – or even play with my equilibrium.
I love these creamy-milky-green mountain rocks
Back off the mountainside, and nearing our truck in the parking lot, we met this couple heading up the mountainside to get married: they were starting their marriage, and my husband was surprising me with a “honeymoon” vacation 40 years later :-D We visited with them for a little bit and shared in thier happiness; and they in ours.

What a thrilling experience visiting Mount Baker was!

We traveled on, and came to a mountain community called Sedro Woolley:

I loved Sedro Woolley, too. I LIKE places like this. Sedro Woolley is an old cowboy, mining, and logging town
I like the building detail …
It was a charming place to visit

Leaving Sedro Woolley, we traveled along the Skagit River; the water here was simply beautiful!

Beautiful emerald green water …
I laughed when I saw this little “church in the woods”: my mind immediately went to that old country song, ‘The Church in the Wildwood’; my mother used to sing that song with her cousin Easter – they sang in perfect harmony; in sweet voices, singing old Appalachian songs. I did manage to find a link to the song on Youtube, sung by The Browns family; and it’s not bad. I like this  song.

I’m pretty sure Jim Reeves sang the song too, but I can’t find it on Youtube by him :-(

Bob has a soft & gentle voice, like Jim reeves.

I was interested in the building design: I like stuff like this; I always told Bob I was born out of time – I would have made a good ‘mountain woman’ ;-)
The water here was a beautiful hued glacial water; and SO clear.
I was captivated by this old steam train – told yu’all in earlier posts that I am a tomboy ;-)

I liked the colorful rocks of this region too, and started going after some to haul home, when I saw a sign out of my peripheral vision, that stopped me in my tracks ...

Darn it! I really wanted some of those rocks to take home >;-(

We were still real high up in elevation:

And the waters were still so vibrantly colorful, they could be seen real well from a distance ...

Bob walking out on the sky walk to view The Gorge Dam waterflow. He was always a dare devil – heights never bothered him. Ever.
Bob took this waterfall picture for me to view later on … there was NO WAY I was going to follow him out there for a viewing!
This is s side view he shot on the way back to me: I was more than content to see it later on.
I love wild places like this. And the color of the water! I will never get over it – it was breath taking: these pictures do NOT do it justice.
But, I DON’T like the dangers that go with the wild places … we really were taking serious and real risks on this adventure.
Bob looking out over Diablo Lake (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablo_Lake)
The color of the lake was a different hue at different angle … but it was always that beautiful turquoise color.
The minerals here turn the waters here pretty hues. You will leave this region with happy eyes :-D

Further up the road, we started a snaky trip over the mountain range to Leavenworth:

We stopped here to stretch our legs on this long trip, and gawked at the awesomeness of the Cascade Mountain Range – the sheer force of nature that it took to create the range is mind boggling. When I read, a few years following our trip, that a family had stopped here and defaced the rocky outcropping with graffiti WHILE THE FATHER RECORDED THE ACTION AND POSTED IT ONLINE!, I was furious. The stupidity of both actions was inexcusable. I think they were later tacked down, and fined – and rightly so!
Twisp, Washington. I really LIKE old towns like this. Bob did good planning this surprise trip for me :-D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twisp,_Washington)

Leaving Twisp, modern day life slapped me back into reality like a splash of cold water in the face ...

Lake Chelan. We didn’t stay in this area very long – the people were snotty and snarky: this is the ‘rich man’ playground. I didn’t care for it much.

And THEN, we were entering Leavenworth – and WHAT A SIGHT it was!

This is the Bavarian Lodge - the fanciest place to stay in Leavenworth.  Bob booked us a room here – we stayed in the room next to the tower: 2nd floor; it was perfect!
Bob laughed when he saw this picture on the room wall – it SO describes me ... and our marriage, which we pretty much spent in the mountains ;-) I am a snowbaby and gotta HAVE my snow fixes. Thankfully, Bob understood that: Bob was a GREAT guy.
A gas fireplace, but it was a romantic illusion that fit the vaca ;-)
Pretty painted elevator doors …
I was partial to the red one; so that is the one we used: it was “our elevator” LOL
The view directly across the street from out room. We crossed the street to eat Supper in the underground german restaurant there. My Grandpa Brockway was german, so I grew up with a germanic background when we lived in Minnesota - but the german fare here in Leavenworth was new to Bob. He liked it too.
A nice, warm welcome ;-)
I LOVED the headboard! I really am so simple to please …
The whole room setting couldn’t have pleased me more – Bob did good :-D

Sitting on our balcony, relaxing after that hearty and heavy German Supper, I liked looking at the window boxes across the way. I like window boxes; I had window boxes on our front windows back home (the home we had then in Lexington/Kelso, Wa. – before we sold and bought the one I live in now), but I didn’t have them planted with foliage and flowers like these boxes were:

Our room balcony
A direct view from our room balcony: so pretty
All of Leavenworth "downtown" is like this ... some even fancier. I LOVED IT! Our financial advisor kinda had us on a tight leash, but we bought that Toyota Tundra luxury ride anyway ;-) We figured that Bob had WORKED HARD for his $$$$$, and if stock brokers got a hefty share of it, SO SHOULD BOB. I don't regret the money spent on that truck. We enjoyed spending many miles, every month, in it.
A little back street we found and strolled, when we crossed the main highway 
There were other accommodations in Leavenworth, but they paled next to ours ;-)
The restaurant we ate at: Frontal appeal
The restaurant is actually underground: SO European ;-)
Doesn't look like much, does it? BUT this is the entrance to a lovely German Restaurant where we ate. There was live music at Suppertime, and the food was excellent - not too healthy by American standards - BUT it was delish! The entire atmosphere was german in nature. Bob enjoyed it too.

I enjoyed how much Bob was loving me with this trip: he wasn’t just telling me he loved me ... HE WAS SHOWING IT; he really indulged me ...

The next morning, we parked here while we walked; and I gawked along the other side of Main Street: across from the Bavarian Lodge, on the main highway, where we stayed. Bob was so patient. I knew we'd never get back this way - and I didn't want to miss a thing: I wanted THIS imprinted on my memory like a branding iron. LOL
Humans were not the only walkers and gawkers in Leavenworth. LMAO
The colorful, artistic murals were fun to look at, too.

Leavenworth was the end of our week long, belated-honeymoon-vaca.

Leaving our cozy hideaway in the mountains, on our way out of Leavenworth (on our way home through Liberty, Cle Elum, Snoqualmie Pass, Hwy 18; and eventually down the freeway – I don’t remember exactly WHERE Bob decided to take the freeway along Hwy 18), we stopped at ‘The Alps’ Candy Shoppe, because I wanted some peanut brittle and fudge to snack on (SO YUMMY!), on the way home ;-)

While passing through DuVall, I saw this cute bookstore, so Bob stopped for me ;-)

Isn’t it the cutest thing?

DuVall Book Store; now closed - no longer in business.
This rabbit is what actually drew my attention :-D
But, I likd the bench too ;-)

It was a good road trip, a great vacation, a surprise “honeymoon”, and a week where Bob & I just spent time together without sideline interferences.

I sure miss Bob. His smile & twinkling eyes. His love and loving. The enjoyment he got out of watching me enjoy his surprises.

I miss Bob.

Bob gave me so much love.

Bob gave me so many wonderful memories.

Bob’s essence lingers …

I love you, Babe.