I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, August 18, 2019


I got bored sitting around the hose this afternoon, so around 4:30 p.m., I decided to grab another Cheeseburger Basket from the Baker’s Corner Grill, and head out to Willow Grove to eat it.

The sunshine was warming; and my body will appreciate the natural shot of Vitamin D ;-)

It was relaxing. But it was making me nervous too - I don't understand the tides: Bob did though. But Bob is not here now; and the waves were literally moving some of the driftwood near the anchored ship, that at low tide, has quite a stretch of sand between it and the river water:

A steamer clam half-shell dropped by seagulls - those litterbugs! LOL
A feather. Probably from a seagull.
The wind was noisily gusty, and the tide was coming in when I arrived; the lapping waves kept creeping in, moving me further and further back.
Seagulls. The wind gusts - and the waves, kept getting stronger.
I found this Word Search book in the car cubby while searching for paper napkins – Bob always kept one in the car to work on if I had to make a quick stop in a store, and it wasn’t worth him getting out of the car for.
Pages Bob had completed: tears smarted my eyes when I saw his handmarks on the pages … Bob loved doing these word searches. I always bought scads of them - there are 3 more in the bedroom, in his nightstand. Untouched.
After I ate Supper, I decided to sit in the warm sunshine, and pick up where he left off – on page 38.

And I was enjoying the escapade.

Then 2 things happened …

As I was finishing up page 38, a beachcomber stopped right in front of me and lit a cigarette: so, instead of saying, “Do you MIND moving along? I have asthma, you self-centered idiot …”

I mean, REALLY! A vast beachfront, and she has to light up in front of me – where my lungs can’t escape the choking smoke being blown down them on the gusty river winds???

Instead – I gathered my things, and decided to walk along the beach for a while; and saw this crude artsy-fartsy beach shelter, constructed from gathered driftwood beach wood. So, I stopped near it, and sat down on a big driftwood log; and watched the seagulls glide, swoop, and swim – and people watched:

Female kayaker.

After a bit, I got restless & thought I’d walk up towards the kid’s playground area – and back again, to the car: that would be a nice stretch of the legs.

What I saw on that walk concerns me …

The greedy, wild, Columbia River is eroding Willow grove beach.
The paved trail has been scooped out, by wild nature activity.
Serious undermining erosion – it looks like this section is about ready to drop off too.

I don’t like this new development.

I think I’ll be looking for another place to eat my out-of-house-Suppers, I the near future. Water makes me nervous. And rivers do not “call” to me; so, it won’t be like a major sacrifice to eat some place else.


I saw Trace when he walked by, one day - HE IS A TALL GUY!
That said ...
Bob always called me his lady: don't know HOW he ever saw a "lady" in this tomboy wearing a ribbed muscle shirt tucked into her ripped jeans; but that was his claim ;-)

This girl loved her country boy.

Actually, I kinda like gawking at most country boys :-D
And Bob was okay with that: he knew I wouldn't stray from my Magic Man's side.
I like the way country boys are self-confident, with big-time {it} power.
It shows in the way they stand - tall and confident.
It shows in the way they walk - loose-limbed and self-assured.
It shows in the way they talk - soft and gentle ... or firm and assertive: whatever is needed to get the point across in a no-nonsense way. You always know where you stand with a country boy.
It shows in the way they treat women - with utter respect (whether the respect is deserved, or not).
It shows in the way they honor their wife - they actually LIKE a spunky woman who can hold her own with her man.
It shows in the way they enjoy life - all out, and in for the ride ;-)
It shows in the way they raise their children - with discipline and Godly morals.
It shows in the way they treat their vehicles - their 20-year old pickup will be as spit-n-polish as an executives BMW. Just sayin'. They can't afford a brand-new vehicle every other year - a country boy makes sure his ride will last and hold up: not only because he depends on it to help him get his job done ... but because he trusts it to ferry his lady to and fro in absolute safety.
It shows in the way they smile - NOTHING compares to the sexy slow smile of a self-assured country boy!
It shows in the way he takes care of his body - he depends on his body to back him up in his work days ... and to please his lady when he hangs up his hat and spurs at the end of the day ;-)
It shows in the way he talks - it doesn't matter WHERE a country boy LIVES ... he will ALWAYS TALK WITH A SOUTHERN DRAWL. A country boy just can't help it.
It shows in the way a country boy never loses his sense of direction - he may SEEM confused now and then, BUT he always KNOWS where he is going: and how to get there.
And ladies (or tomboys) just naturally are drawn to a country boy with {it} power :-D
City girls can keep their pampered, suited, perfumed, dandy's.
Ladies like country boys who were raised to pull their own pants on, wear them with manly style, and smell like money well-earned after a long day's work.
Ladies like M.E.N (aka: country boys ;-))


I was G.O.N.E. ... waaay gone ... when I first saw Bob.

He walked past me on his way back to the High School after eating lunch at the Grade School Cafeteria (the HS didn't get their own cafeteria until the mid 1980's).

My heart panted for him - and I waited by the corner of the school EVERY DAY to watch him as he walked past.

It was pathetic! LMAO

I was 3 months shy of 10 years old: he was 17.

And my heart had been stolen - never to recover.

I only wanted to be with him.

Bob – 1967.
Bob and the first love of his life; his beloved Camero: he bought this car with his own hard-earned $$$. Bob was 17 in this picture.

The next year, I took up my position.

And waited.

For "the face".



I started asking around: "Where's the face?" I didn't know his name, but everyone knew WHO I was asking about: they had been watching me ;-)

HE GOT MARRIED after graduation!

I was crushed.

I became a teenager. I had a pretty steady boy friend - we had an 'understanding'; and I believe we could have made a good life together. We were friends, and we did care about each other's happiness.

But ... in my heart of hearts, I only wanted to be with 'the face'.

One night in March of 1974, I came face-to-face with THE FACE: and he had a name - I learned the name when I carded him. (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/04/magic-man.html)

I spilled the beans about the school corner peekaboo, and Bob laughed.

Then he was intrigued. We spent the rest of the night talking and getting to know each other.

Fate was in the works, and we didn't stand a chance of going our separate ways after that unexpected face-to-face meeting.

Bob gave me a jingle 2 weeks later ... and the rest is history ;-)

Our 1st date – April 19th, 1974. I was 17; Bob was 24.

We fell into each other's open arms every day from that moment forward.

My heart had been stolen - never to recover.

I only wanted to be with him.

Home after a week’s vaca/Coor’s Beer Run to California – Summer, 1976. I was 18-1/2; Bob was 26.
The afternoon our life together started seriously unraveling … August 30th, 2018.
Bob was 69; I was 61.