I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I went to Keenager’s this afternoon; there had been changes! The room had been rearranged to make room for a big screen setup, new speakers, and a new amplified mic setup. Dave, who does the projections was not happy that the changes were made without his knowledge (he hates change of any kind: especially without being told what to expect when the changes happen); but by the end of the meet, he had caught on pretty quick ;-)

I think I have mentioned before that I hate big screen TV’s and the big theater screens every church in the country is now using – the size and sound system messes with my sensory processing – I get overwhelmed and disoriented.

But, if I continue to go to Keenager’s I will just have to bite the bullet … or duck out before the message begins. Eating and running would be rude, but no one asked me what I thought before the thing was set up, so what happens will happen – and if I am asked why I am eating and running, I will tell them what I just posted in the above sentence:

After Keenager’s, I decided to conquer my procrastination about revisiting Riverside Park in Lexington. Bob & I always enjoyed that particular Park (preferring it over the other County Parks) because of its woodsy atmosphere. A LOT of memories took place at this Park. We considered it {our} Park. We had been walking these trails and along the dike for the past 3 decades with our daughter - and later, our grandchildren. We walked our dogs, and our wolf at this Park. We fed squirrels here and laughed at their silly antics …

Memory of our walks here
Memory of my wolf, Precious (1/2 Timber wolf-1/2 Gray wolf)
The bench Bob rested on for the last time in October 2018.
Walk with Ramona in October.

Leaving the Park, I decided to make another trip down memory lane by revisiting the little country church we went to in the 1980’s. The building has fallen on hard times over the years, and the pastor was very rude to us last time we were there, but it is a link in the story of Bob’s life on earth, so I wanted it included in the recounting of Bob’s life journey:

Used to be Lexington Christian Fellowship 1970's thru 1980's. Memory of Bob's testimony here.
Bob sang in the Choir here in the late 1980's.

Leaving Lexington, I knew I had to stop at El Ranchero Restaurant too, and let them know of Bob’s graduation. Bob and I used to eat there once a month (BEST Mexican food in town!), and we were friends with the proprietor and his family. We were there last in August before the infamous front porch blow-out here at Heron Pointe.

I walked in and they greeted me as they always do – with a big smile and a hearty hello and family catch-up; it was hard for me to tell them, when they asked “Your husband is not with you this time?”, that Bob would never be with me again this side of Heaven.

We are friends. It was hard for 2 reasons - 1) they LOVED us. 2) they do not speak English very well - I had to keep repeating that Bob was now in Heaven, trying every explanation I could when I heard 'no comprende': I finally said, in exasperation, "Bob is dead": they understood THAT, and asked, "he is no more?" I said, "He is no more."

They love us. They were sad for me.

I ordered an order of Super Nachos with Beef for takeout Supper tonight. And enjoyed viewing the beautiful, colorful, artistic wall mural where we used to sit; and the pretty carved benches that were added to the interior a few months before we moved from Lexington to Heron Pointe …

EL RANCHERO restaurant mural. Lexington.
Bob used to do fancy work like this. He sold his carving tools 2 years ago. I was sad to see him do that because carving always gave him such pleasure: he even did special detail work for friends, for free.

It was a good day full of good memories.

I think I can do this again :-D

I have really missed walking this Park.

And I would do everything exactly the same as we did in my memories. There are good memories that hover over that Park … and live on in my heart.