I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, August 25, 2019


There are some, Scripture tells us, who are nonredeemable.

Scripture tells us that such people will put themselves forward as having been saved, and when found in open and damning sin will claim ‘saved by grace’. In reality, these people have never been saved at all.

Then, there are some, like todd bentley, who are simply demon possessed to the point of exampling Lucifer in every way possible.

Todd Bentley has always been a heretic.

Those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart for Yeshua KNOW that: we have NEVER been hoodwinked.

todd bentley is the type of {prophet} and {minister} the vineyard ministries CULT pimps.

But, he IS NOT a Christian – never has been … never will be; because he CHOOSES NOT TO BE.

Like everyone connected to the vineyard movement, bentley loves the attention, plays to the crowds, preaches that sin is okay, and spreads a different gospel.

And YET, there are many, MANY “pastors” coming to his aide, claiming his past is why he is acting out in hellish ways.


Anyone, with a clear and Godly understanding of Scripture would UNDERSTAND that when a person IS SAVED, they are A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST – that means, that THEIR PAST NO LONGER CONTROLS THEIR LIFE: their life NOW BELONGS TO CHRIST … and THEY HONOR YESHUA WITH THEIR LIVES.

I had a very bad childhood: every type of abuse imaginable happened to me. When I chose to believe in - and follow Yeshua - I never looked back! I never allowed what happened to me to control my life: my life wasn't mine anymore - my life belonged to Yeshua: I would HONOR HIM WITH IT.

I never engaged in pity parties, or used my past to manipulate people.


To continue to indulge the flesh, to continue to put forward a victim mentality, to continue to live a demonic lifestyle IS NOT A SAVED EXAMPLE!