I'll Meet You There ...

Saturday, January 26, 2019


This reminds me of the time we bought a house over on Merritt Drive (westside highway) and my husband rototilled me a HUGE garden spot with my chicken coop at one end ;-) I decided I needed composting worms, so I ordered a composting bin and a pack of red wringer worms to fill it with. When the bin and worms came one late afternoon, Hubs was driving the night-shift hours ... and it was raining outside: so I set the bin up in the garage and put my worms in it thinking I would move it out into its chosen placement in the bearded Iris' flowerbed next to the house tomorrow morning when the rain let up. I felt proud of myself for getting the bin together with no hassle - I was feeling real accomplished ;-)

When our wolf (YES - a real wolf: half timber and half gray wolf; she was beautiful) indicated she needed to go out, I opened the door and flicked on the overhead light AND SAW WORMS EVERYWHERE! Those squirmy things had escaped their bin <:-O The house had been raised 6 feet off the ground, so they could not have gotten into the house, but they managed to get all over the garage floor! So we went down the stairs and tiptoed around the worms so as not to crush them and I let Precious out to do her thing ... and I promptly moved the bin outside, running back into the garage to gather up every worm that escaped - those things are FAST! Who knew? After 20 minutes or so they were all back inside the bin and Precious was back inside with me. What a night to remember :-D :-D

Hubs laughed when he got home and I told him about it. He also knew the worms would have escaped ... as they did. But he didn't browbeat me about it like some men would have done - he was good about stuff like that: he just laughed and hugged me and knew I had learned something I would not repeat again.

And I am thinking I will build this worm tower ... or 2 or more ... and put it in my garden boxes here. I am sure that Bob will be looking down from Heaven, watching me try my hand at this - and smiling with approval. I am going to do my best to make him proud ;-)