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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Switching Floral Arrangements Out …

Tonight I changed the floral arrangements, exchanging the Fall arrangements for Christmas arrangements. I pretty much stuck with poinsettias because I like that flower. Next year I may try something else, but for this year poinsettias reign ;-)

Our bathroom: Red Poinsettias with Gold berries. Simple, but effective.
A little more color in the spare bathroom because it’s so white in there: Red Poinsettia with pistachio hydrangea, a gilded pinecone, and a pine sprig.
Small kitchen Ivy Basket: Dark Red Poinsettias, a gilded pine cone, and a pine sprig.
Large Kitchen Ivy Basket. Red & White Poinsettias, white winter berries, gold berries, a gilded pine cone, a pine sprig, and several gold filigree branches.
A new White Christmas Cactus with a pale pink throat and a fuchsia tongue.