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Monday, August 28, 2017

On-the-Road Anniversary

This year – today, on our 43rd Anniversary we have been married for 15,695 days/376,680 hours/22,600,800 minutes; which is over 1,356 million seconds … and by now we pretty much know everything there is to know about one another …

Wedding Pic; 1974

There are no gems associated with this Wedding Anniversary, and no material gifts associated with this Wedding Anniversary. There is, however, one theme assigned to this Wedding Anniversary, and that is travel: a location visit. So we hit the road early in the morning and spent the day revisiting places from our early days together.

We decided (actually I decided and Hubs went along with it) to head off to Seaside. On our way we stopped at the Sunday Market in Astoria because I was curious:

There really wasn't much to see; it was pretty disappointing. Most vendors were selling the same stuff packaged a bit differently.
This macramΓ© art was interesting ... but not enough to purchase it.
Interesting shaped musical instruments. But neither of us are musicians ...
A goat on a leash strolling along and gawking at a dog dressed in pajamas!
Batman hats; yarn crafts always catch my eye.
Baby spuds - seed spuds actually, offered at an outrageous price. No doubt 'organic'.
This Eagle was nicely done, but the sticker price was sky-high; we do not carry that much moolah on us.

Well, I’ve done the Sunday Market and my curiosity was sated – I don’t think I’ll go back. There really wasn’t that much to interest me; a lot of vendors, but not a lot of variety or realistic options. There were many junk hawkers, and many ‘unique’ artsy stuff, but MPO is that there really was nothing worth parting with a $ for. So we got buckled in again and melded into the bumper-to-bumper traffic to Seaside where our plan was to stop by the Aquarium straight off, stroll the boardwalk, and then find the Elephant Ears and enjoy a delicious sugar-high from the sticky sweet delights ;-)

Finally made the Seaside Aquarium. Baby boy likes it here.
A tent-city has sprung up on Seaside's beach. Apparently it's another bicycling event. I am not a fan of bicycles on the roadway for any reason, so that event did not interest me in the least.
A 'tentacle' pen - how cute is that?
The seals are such little beggars …and impatient too for their stinky snacks.
The finned beggars are such hams ... we were soaked from head to toe by the spray kicked up with their silly antics as they vociferously barked loudly, slapped themselves so hard we hurt for them, vigorously splashed water, and openly begged for fish bits.
A Giant Pacific Octopus.
A big Wolf Eel.
Cool sand art.

After we left the Aquarium and gorged on our deep-fried Elephant Ears drizzled with sickeningly sweet (but utterly delicious!) thick maple syrup, we drove to Longbeach and ate burgers at ‘The Corral’ burger bar drive-in: the same little place we used to eat when we rode the Harley on our dating forays 43 years ago.

Then heartily stuffed and totally worn out, we drove back home.

It was a good day, and Elohei was gracious to us - and with us all day. We feel blessed in every way, and thankful for us IN HIM because our relationship with Him is why we have marked 43 years together today; on our own we would surely have screwed things up beyond repair: but Elohei is faithful to keep us faithful when we commit our lives to His care and Will. 

43 years together are great, but we have no doubt that 44 will be better :-D