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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Harvest Wreath

Fall is in the air along with heavy hanging wildfire smoke. Today I had some spare time, so I hung my Harvest Wreath and Harvest Welcome Sign at the front door; Fall is my favorite time of year, so I kinda go all out … Hubs draws the line at halloween though, so I have to be careful with what I do by way of celebrating Fall. These things are safe …

Harvest Wreath & Harvest Welcome sign
I bought this wreath about 4 years ago at a Harvest Bazaar in Oregon. I was a vendor there, and this was the first concession I ever made to spending my profits: I liked it and had to have it. And it didn’t cost much.
This Harvest Welcome sign is 24 years old, but it still looks new; I have carried it from pillar to post since we left Cathlamet 22 years ago and have hung it every year regardless of the home we had as we moved about. It is a 4-Season Welcome Sign so all the seasons are covered ;-)