I'll Meet You There ...

Saturday, May 11, 2019


The Toyota dealership in town no longer gives car-detail-washes (or any car washing for that matter) anymore, and they have entered into an agreement with Washerman car wash downtown, directing their Premier Customers (which would be people like me) to go there for their free car washes: NO! Last time my car went through Washerman’s car wash, they tore the bug catcher off and didn’t say anything about it – it flew off the car while my granddaughter was driving it, freaking us out! So, no … going there won’t work for me.

Earlier this week, when I asked about curb-side car washes, my niece told me about one happening today … so I got up bright and early and was the 1st car to arrive ;-) The car got washed, and the kids did a reasonably good job cleaning the filthy exterior:

I paid them, came home and washed the interior – windows too; THAT was interesting to say the least as the windshield is slanted at such a steep angle that it was difficult to work with my too-much-boob/not-enough-arm body: but I somehow managed it without honking the horn as my breasts are prone to do while washing the windshield because I have to lean so far forward to get my fingertips to the windshield. I also removed the floor mats and hosed those down, drying them in the sunshine; and then vacuumed the car carpeting. Now the car is squeaky clean inside and out … and I don’t have to be ashamed to have it on the street anymore. LOL And there won’t be anymore dash dust blowing in my face either.

Bob used to have the car washed every few weeks, but since he went home in December, I haven’t felt like doing much. But, it is time to get off my duff now and get stuff done.


Now it is done.

While I was already outside, I decided to wash the patio furniture too. It needed it; all of it was almost a filthy as the car was. The constant road traffic on this street really kicks up the dust; and that dust clings in this humid PNW atmosphere.

Now everything is so clean I almost don’t recognize it. Hahaha

Last night – actually very early this morning (12:31 a.m.) before I put the yarn and hook away and went to bed – I finished up this granny stitch lapghan for the Hospital Donation Foundation. …

I used odds and ends from my yarn cache to make this lapghan. It is not a full afghan, but rather just a big square that can be used like a throw over the knees for a wheelchair bound person, or as a quick warmth throw for a critical care patient.

And just after Suppertime tonight, I finished this Donation item too: a cute little octopus for the INCU Ward. This little thing if only 7-1/4 inches long. So cute!

The pattern calls for safety eyes, but I embroidered my octopus eyes; I think it looks more realistic. Plus, the thought of plastic eyes near a baby that puts everything into their mouth doesn’t sit well with me.

Today has been a very ambitious day.