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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It’s Happening

We have been systematically clearing our house out and doing yard work since last Friday in anticipation of making a good impression for inspection.

And we met with a Realtor this afternoon to get an estimate on the house … GREAT NEWS!

So, it’s happening. We are “in the pink” and getting excited.

Now comes the hard part … taking the furniture and miscellaneous items down to bare bones. Time to get brutal with ourselves and look the other way while we sort through the stuff left – separating the “going with” from the “can live without” items.

Earlier this evening I placed an Ad in the local paper announcing our “Moving & Garage Sale” Sale this weekend. Praying everything but the few things we are taking with us get bought and hauled away to new homes.

This home served its purpose. It’s time to downsize to a place where yard and house maintenance is very, very low. We have our eyes on a few available homes … we hope at least one of them stays available until our house sells.

Con Men & Proficient Liars

abbas is a con man and a liar – he is incapable of truth and deserves no respect, let alone an ear.

abbas demands Jerusalem be returned to enemy hands – his hands – as a down payment to {peace}. abbas stated, and I quote: 'The problem is not between us and Judaism. It is between us and occupation.'

There is NO {occupation}: Israel is inhabited by Israelis who have been divinely DEEDED the LAND; Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel, established and built by Jewish hands FOR their worship of the JEWISH GOD, Elohei.

That is HISTORICAL, and Jerusalem has been spoken of Historically as the Jewish Capitol for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

No amount of political twaddle can change that FACT.

Furthermore, there is NO {palestine}: the original Palestinians DIED OUT EONS AGO, and these arab interlopers are laughable, not credible squatters trying to steal what does not belong to them in order to create a fantasy land that does not exist; for a people that no longer exist. If anyone is “occupying” anything ... it IS the arabs who are natural con men and proficient liars.

And remember what Scripture says about "the man of peace" (1 Thessalonians 5:2-4).

Political Parrots

Again, another political leader parrots delusional twaddle.

==rivlin mentions the fact that Trump, during his first visit overseas as US president, will visit the holy sites of all three Abrahamic religions. “We each have different beliefs — but we all worship the same God,” the Israeli president says.

We DO NOT ALL “worship the same god” – Elohei is NOT allah.

The Creator is not equal to a man-made god created by man, for man.

Elohei is not to be demoted to a common thing to appease man’s pleasure.


Shame on rivlin  … who should know better; but who, obviously is not familiar with his own God Who established Israel through The Faith of Abraham , Issac & Jacob: ALL Hebrews – NOT Egyptians or romans serving lifeless pagan gods birthed in humanistic imaginations and crafted by human hands.

The coexistence doctrine is as old as the Earth, and springs from the pit of hell.


Trump and the Coexistence Doctrine

Issues I have with Trump’s world view …

==Trump said, and I quote: “Saudi Arabia is home to the holiest sites in one of the world’s great faiths”

Firstly, whatever saudi arabia is {home} to, it is NOT {holy}. And secondly, islam is NOT a great {faith} – islam is a CHOSEN MANMADE and wholly WORLDLY lifestyle; and a hellish one at that.

There is only one Holy Site, as directed by Almighty God Himself … and that is Israel’s Capitol, Jerusalem. Anyone claiming otherwise is blatant liar severely deceived.

==Trump also said, and I quote: “…after concluding my visit in Riyadh, I will travel to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and then to the Vatican – visiting many of the holiest places in the three Abrahamic Faiths. If these three faiths can join together in cooperation, then peace in this world is possible …”

Thirdly, the fact that he, like so many spiritually dull presidents before him, seek to gain the catholic pope’s approval on anything tells me clearly that he is blinded by politics and deluded about the catholic pope’s power.

The catholic pope is NOT God – he CANNOT bless anyone, nor is he in ANY way/shape/form a Christian: the catholic religion is a FALSE faith better aligned with islam than with Christianity. The catholic religion is decidedly PAGAN. The catholic pope has NO SAY whatsoever in Christian matters since he openly denounces Christ and mocks The Faith … nor has he any say in American politics since he is not an American.



And anyone seeking the catholic pope’s opinion on anything loses my respect and support. From what I have been seeing and reading in regards to Trump’s political agenda, I am NOT liking that he is backtracking far too fast in appeasement towards those who deserve no appeasement. Trump, it appears, like so many American {leaders} become very political once they embroil themselves in the DC hoopla; and they become more concerned about their political life, personal advancement, and Historical legacy than they are about the plight of the American Citizens and/or true Christians. In short, they lose sight or realities and start sounding like their wayward predecessors.

There may very well be cooperation between worldly religions such as the religion of orthodox judaism (which is not true Hebrew Faith), islam (which is a worldly relglion based purely on sexual perversion, sexism, war and terrorism), and the catholic religion (which is based on sexual perversion, sexism, crusade wars, paganism and idolatry – NOT CHRISTIAN AT ALL, yet constantly promoted as such). It is IMPOSSIBLE for true Christians to “coexist” with Trump’s worldview of what peace constitutes - to do so, one must abandon God and His Faith as He put it forth to Abraham ... and to Christians through His Son, Yeshua.

Orthodox judaism, islam, and the catholic faiths have seriously gone FAR AFIELD of Abraham's Faith!

In short, Trump has done nothing or said anything to make true Christians rejoice in his decisions. Trump is a world President focused on worldly solutions and applause. Trump is ignorant of what Christianity is despite his “surrounding” himself with heralded Christians: IF they WERE indeed “Christian”, they would NOT be in politics. Politics in anathema to Christian standards and lifestyle.

==Trump further added: “This is a battle between Good and Evil.


Yes, it is.

And Trump has immersed himself in the religion of politics and is blind to the dangers of the raging battle.

In summation, let me add this: do I believe that Trump is in the position he is in by the hand of Almighty God? YES; there is no question about that. Scripture bears this deduction out. Do I believe that Trump can change the way the world is going? NO. He may be able to forestall the inevitable, but he cannot “change” anything. Do I believe that Trump is good for America and Americans? YES AND NO – I believe that Trump will do what he can to restore some of Americas glory, and to help American Citizens (legal Citizens) … but I do not believe that Trump can be of any benefit to true Christians.

A double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. Trump is a worldly-minded man showing himself to be fully immersed in being a politician. And THAT is never beneficial to Christians – the mindset behind the coexistence doctrine fully embraces humanism and is decidedly AGAINST true Christianity.

Yeshua is THE ONLY WAY by which man, woman or child CAN BE SAVED.

There is NO alternative way.

And NONE of the three {MAN MADE faiths … orthodox judaism, islam, or catholic ‘religions’} that Trump mentioned above in his speech, recognize Yeshua. All three OPENLY MOCK Yeshua and persecute true Christians.