I'll Meet You There ...

Thursday, September 20, 2018


The other day we were downtown paying the water bill, and I saw this questionable cloud formation as I was buckling my seatbelt … so I got back out of the car and snapped a pic of it. It fit the day perfectly. And it still fits our days … as we do what we can do and wait patiently for Elohei to work everything concerning us out.

I gotta tell you … patience is not my strong point: waiting is very hard right now. Especially with the astronomical hospital bills flooding the mailbox and the $$$$$ hung up in bureaucratic red tape (if we were freeloading illegals or America-hating terrorists, I am sure the money would flow like a flood); but since we are Americans, receiving money WE PAID INTO Medicare and Medicaid all of our working years is NOT available to us without making us jump through governmental hoops designed to make us do unnecessary backflips, barking, and clapping like trained seals); the $$$$$ we are asking for is OURS BY RIGHT and should be put into effect immediately. Instead we are treated like criminals by desk jockeys for even asking for some of it.

Plus, everything Hubs went through in that stupid hospital was brought on by the doctors who misdiagnosed and mistreated him from the get-go thinking they had a human guinea pig to practice on and we should be thankful (they were wrong on both counts) – why should we have to pay for their screw-ups? I am still peeved; and HUbs refuses to go to anymore doctors for anything. And I am okay with that, considering doctors don't know what they are doing/push drugs/and did their best to kill him with their scientific guesses while he was under their 'care'Patience; not one of my strong points:

Hubs is eating a little more everyday now – and it is staying down – and he is walking a bit further every time we go to the Park to feed the little furry beggars; LOL

We have been to the Park twice this week; today is the furthest Hubs has walked. I am real proud of him. He is not doing anything foolish or risky like some men do when faced with death and dealing with fear, but he IS determined not to let fear get a foothold. We are taking 1 day at a time, doing what we can with the new limitations, and giving the rest to Elohei – trusting in His care and resting in His perfect peace that passes all human understanding. We know that given the situation 2 weeks ago, Hubs is alive for a specific reason and he will remain so until his mission on earth is completed. For that we are thankful and bless Elohim every day.

And we laugh that Hubs is wearing his sweat pants in public. Why? Because when he retired 7 years ago, the grandkids (22, 17, & 15) asked, “You aren’t going to wear sweats everyday now, are you? And you aren’t going to go out in public wearing sweats … are you?” We both said, “No;  just around the house.” But since Hub’s hospital ordeal he has been so weak, and pulling sweat pants on is just about all the strength he has to dress with, we just don’t care anymore what people want to think when we are out and about.