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Saturday, October 5, 2019


FINISHED SLIPPERS. Sizes 6, 8, & 10

My slipper pattern is a modified version of the ‘Slippers for Her’ pattern found here: https://www.yarnspirations.com/red-heart-slippers-for-her/RHK0127-021153M.html.

I didn’t like the way the eyelets went all the way to the sole of the original slipper pattern – so, I shortened them up in the slippers I made. And I didn’t care for the knitted flower trim of the original pattern either … so I cut those entirely, and opted for an embroidered flower design instead. I also used a sturdier type of yarn, since I made my slippers for the Fall – Spring months when more warmth is called for on the feet.

These slippers will be going into my 2019 Bazaar cache. Selling for $8/pr (small/medium) & $10/pr (large).

NOTATIONS: If making my design, use Caron brand worsted instead of Red Heart With Love yarn.

ALSO make these modifications in the body of the slippers:

Row 11: Increase before & after markers.

Row 13: Increase before & after markers.

Row 15: Increase before markers (55 sts/61 sts/69 sts)

Rows 16 thru 22: Work in stockinette st.

Row 23: BO loosely. Leave a long tail to sew up the sole.

BEFORE SEWING BACK & SOLE: Embroider the rose flower design on slipper uppers, tying off or weaving in ends as you wish:

Rose flower graph I found on Pinterest.
Outer Rose flower petals. Duplicate Stitch.
Inner Rose flower petals. Duplicate Stitch.
Flower leaves for Size 6 slipper. Duplicate Stitch.
Flower leaves for Sizes 8 & 10 slippers. Duplicate Stitch.
Finished embroidered slipper.

I enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Columbia River while I worked ;-)