I'll Meet You There ...

Friday, December 15, 2017

‘Tis the Season

For good cheer and more than a touch of insanity.

In that order.

The first part of the season’s ‘good cheer’ is that Hubs finally switched out the old crappy 1980’s Hollywood style-makeup mirror-strip lighting in the spare bath, and replaced it with a much nicer one that actually fits our lifestyle and home:

Hubs switched out the spare bathroom light ...
… and replacing it with this one. Looks good.

And the kombucha home brew turned out very well ;-) I like the Ginger better than the Blueberry; ginger is a good winter immune aide - a tasty beverage for the first night of Hanukkah too. I have peach flavored kombucha fermenting in the cupboard at the moment; can’t wait to try it … 

Ginger Kombucha; tastes good.

Wednesday we did check out a church a block or so from our home in hopes that we would be able to enjoy the company of Christian fellowship – NO GO! It was quite a surprise to me to find that the ‘Bible Baptist Church’ is first cousin to the United Pentecostals! Though they did sound a little insane at times which reminded me a lot of the whacky religion of islam. The resemblance to the Pentecostals was in the way they dress and treat their women – not okay with me. The resemblance to islam was their church doctrine concerning women – really NOT okay with me. The things that caught my attention and caused alarms to go off in my head were the statements that “we do not permit our women to work outside the home”, and “when women leave their place in the order of God’s specified order (aka: the way they are to dress, fade into the woodwork unless waiting on their men, to remain silent unless directly spoken to and given permission to speak) they incur the wrath of God and are guilty of blasphemy”. WHAT????

I couldn’t wait to get away from the lunatic fringe church folk! While I DID appreciate the fact that the men were clean cut and dressed like men; and the women were not tattooed and pierced; and the place was overflowing with toddlers which is the sign of a healthy growing fellowship – I was NOT impressed with their subjugation of women or the belief that women who wore jeans, and dared to have a paying job in the workforce were blaspheming God and in danger of hell fire. THAT DOCTRINE IS NOT BIBLICAL. There are MANY scriptural references of Yeshua elevating women to equality beside men in the Gospels, and of women working alongside men in ministry and paying jobs outside the home. The passages that moronic {pastor} was arrogantly quoting had been cherry-picked to suit his own agenda and was not in text with proper understanding of the Scriptures. I do NOT want my grandson exposed to that type of nonsense. Hub’s family is Baptist, so we assumed that would be a good place to find a home-based fellowship when we can’t make Vancouver to fellowship with our Messianic friends: we had no idea Baptists were so off kilter – what an eye-opener. Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if there are any Biblically sound fellowships out there anymore. It doesn’t appear so …

Then tonight my cell phone rings, and another moronic {pastor} starts raking me over the coals about a questionable text he attributed to have originated with me. What on earth??? I do not text – I never have; and I have no desire to start: my cell phone is an old flip-top thing (note picture above ...) with NO text capabilities: I specifically left that off the contract because it seems to me to be more trouble trying to navigate than it’s worth … and it’s pretty darned expensive too. So after he misguidedly vented his biased spleen, I simply said, “I don’t text”. And hung up the phone. Someone somewhere is pissed with me and up to devilish behavior. Hmmm.

It seems like every year more and more looneys come out of the woodwork to try to steal the joy out of Christianity and The Season.

Well … not this year Satan.

Not this year.

Our home is too joyful this year to allow devilish distractions ;-)