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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tomorrow, Tomorrow; I’ll Do It Tomorrow

‘The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow’ … I’ll be right where I was this morning: working on that stump out front ;-)

We hit the floor running this morning to get as much done as we could before the sunshine got unbearable – we lasted 5 hours outside before calling it a day. It was only about 80-degrees in direct sunshine, but the humidity was miserable.

Hubs decided the planter box he made yesterday was too plain, so he decided to add some detail:

While Hubs worked on the box, I grabbed the pruning clippers and hacked away at the piney shrub out front of the house … 

Yesterday's pruning job.
TODAY: I am glad that eye-sore is gone, now I just have to pull that stump out and remove that terrible dirt ...
4 very FULL garbage bags of pine shrub pruning’s; going to the dump after we pull the stump.

After I cut off all the branches and stuffed them into extra-large plastic garbage bags and hefted them into the 4x bed, I walked into the breezeway to drink some lukewarm coffee and watch Hubs work, but I leaned back in my patio chair and fell promptly asleep! No joke – I woke up as Hubs was tackling the bottom piece of another planter box which will look like this one he finished while I counted sheep:

Finished planter box #1: WE LIKE!

I fully intended to dig that stump out front out, but the sticky humidity made me sleepy and the short nap had made me loopy; and all my mind could focus on was a little curly-haired redheaded orphan breaking into my cobwebbed thoughts and shrilly singing … ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow; tomorrow’s just a day away’.

Obviously, the sun and humidity really got to me. It was apparent to me that I had done enough grueling work today in stifling weather. LOL