I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I have been fighting a cold and bronchial complications for at least a week and a half. Yesterday I didn’t even bother getting out of bed – I just hauled everything onto the bed with me and camped out there: my laptop to watch old black-n-white movies on, Kleenex, bed remote, phone, coffee (had a thermos of coffee on the bathroom counter for refills, and that is as far as I crept from the bed for the last 24 hours), and my half-finished donation lapghans to finish up:

This morning I looked out the livingroom window to see how much snow we still had left on the ground, and noticed the snow is pretty much gone … snow melted off with the icy rain that fell last night; leaving an icy frost behind.

Everywhere I look is white …

White street outside my livingroom window:

Early a.m.
9 a.m.
White rooftops across the way …

White grass across the street:

White gravel out front of our home – I hope the little Tete a Tete daffodils & hens-n-chicks sedums we planted when we moved here 18 months ago survive; the daffodils were just starting to sprout up …

White cactus still pumping out blossoms inhouse:

Even the lapghan I am currently finishing up is intercepted with white …

Today I am going to try to stay out of bed, and hopefully get past the dizzying light-headedness: getting outside into fresh air would probably help with that. I have made it as far as my recliner with a cup of warming tea at hand in the livingroom so far. Outside fresh air isn't going to be happening today.

A stuffy head and nose, and bronchitis, makes it hard to talk - gotta force every breath out. Makes my heart work extra hard too.

But fighting this cold has cooled my jets enough to slow me down/pin me down/force me to work steady on interrupted projects to finish them up. I was able to finish up the 2nd lapghan last evening ;-)

Two weeks ago, while in town for Keengers, I was able to stop by Joanne’s and buy a skein apiece of the main contrast colors to finish up the half-completed lapghans. So while I have been laid low with this cold, and housebound with the snowfall, I finished up the black ripple lapghan this past Friday ...

... the blue ripple lapghan last evening; and should have the white ripple lapghan done sometime tonight. As soon as the roads clear, they will all be ready to take into town and drop off at the local hospital. Then, I think I will make some baby beanies as well as some beanies for the cancer ward. Until our hospital ordeal I did not realize how much these things mean to patients and their families – though I always considered myself a compassionate and empathetic person, I was ignorant of the depth of compassion and empathy a chronically and terminally ill person requires. My husband’s illness and death honed, and drove, those emotions home. So if I can help – in any way possible – to repay the kindness shown us while we walked in the shadows of the valley of death … I will do what I can do with what I have to offer. I have the skill of my hands to offer, a cache of yarn, and time to put them to use.

So on this white day, I am going to get busy on finishing the white lapghan after I post this White post ;-)

And in this small way, I will also be honoring my husband, who is now clad in a brilliantly shining white robe in that golden streeted city we refer to as home beyond the white clouds.

I love you Babe. I always did think you looked good in white.

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