I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, August 6, 2018


The temperature here has finally cooled down enough to allow me some time outside today – when it is scorching H.O.T. I stay inside because I just cannot breathe when the temperature soars. 2 of my potted flower arrangements were dry as a bone and struggling to survive – I hope the water drenching they both got after cutting off all the deadness revives them :-(

On an ‘up note’ … the corn is thriving despite its scorched leaves:

Corn tassles swaying and making its moves
Corn silk showing ... love is in the air. LOL! I am going to have to look for my paintbrush and get busy bringing the tassle and silk together so plump healthy corn cobs will result ;-)

And I noticed I now have some green beans to harvest :-D 2 days ago they were barely discernable ;-)

While watering and working my way forward along my raised veggie beds, I noticed that more apples have been blown off the trees by high river winds. At this rate, I hope I will have some to actually harvest come harvest time …

I watered the heading dill to pump it up a bit before harvesting it to hang dry and freeze. I love the smell of dill on a warm breeze, and the room it is drying in smells good too:

Dill harvested because it was beginning to set seed heads
Harvested dill bundles hung to dry
Harvested dill bits flash frozen and bagged

The celery is gigantic! It just keeps reaching for the sky, and is so big and heavy that I had to stalk it so it didn’t break when the wind blows through; I have tied the stalks together to blanch the stalks, but the stalks still do not look very beefed up despite the daily watering. Celery takes a looooong time to mature, but it is just about ready to harvest so the ‘beef up’ window is quickly closing …

Yesterday my Asiatic lily burst into bloom! This is all I could find to plant last year, and it is okay – fragrant, crisply white and sturdy enough to hold up under the breezy assaults when the wind blows downriver, but I really like the intoxicating and colorful Stargazer lily; so I’m going to be on the lookout for that one to group with this one:

And noticing that the swallow couple had flown the bird house they had set up house in and were nesting in, I checked and saw that 1 tiny lone egg has been abandoned along with the carefully built nest, so I removed the nest and cleaned the bird house ...

I think the swallows that lovingly courted, built the nest, and laid the egg were young fledglings and really didn’t know what to do with their newfound responsibilities … maybe they will return and try again next Spring: I sure hope so. Baby birds would be exciting :-D

Man! I am beat! I am going to kick back and rest for the remainder of this evening.