I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, June 11, 2018


Just a few months until the 2018 Bazaar Season kicks off, so last night I hauled all my bins out of the closet and started sorting last season’s leftovers, and tagging the few new things I managed to work up over the months that have passed since then.

I am trying to limit my bins to about 4 mini bins so I can put a shelving unit in that foyer closet and start squirreling away provisions – I have, until recently had HUGE pantries that I would stock to take us through a year at a time, but since down-sizing last June, I now have a tiny pantry the size of a broom closet (though fairly deep) – and that is about an 1/8th of what I need. So taking stock of the entire house, the foyer closet is the only space viable for my needs: it is large, fairly deep, and won’t draw condensation because though the front end opens towards the door … the back end abuts the hallway which would keep the inside dry: a MUST to store food stuffs.

With all the rearranging, sorting, ect. last night … I only managed to eliminate 1 large bin and a smaller shallower bin. That is helpful, BUT I need to eliminate more. Hopefully people will be more inclined to buy this year ;-)

These are some of the newer things ... it's not much, but I've been busy this year with setting up our new home and taking care of family business. There's still time to get a couple more things worked up ;-)

XS 'Lil Monster Slippers - Toddler $10 PR
SM Penguin Slippers - Child $10 PR
Handknit Kitchen Towel & Dishcloth: cotton. $10/Set
Elm Stitch Hem detail
Handknit Kitchen Towel & Dishcloth: cotton. $10/Set
Chevron Stripe Hem detail