I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Marriage scared me.
I had never seen a happy ... or a successful marriage among my relatives - or parents' friends.

I was more than happy just to move in with Bob and start our lives that way.
But Bob would not go for that: HE INSISTED ON MARRIAGE.

For every objection I gave - he would say, "I believe we can make it Val. I'd like to make it happen with you."
This went on for months.

Every night before he walked me home to make my midnight curfew, we'd have the same discussion.

He eventually wore me down one hot summer night when we were walking Commerce after having pizza and a lager at Pietro's Pizza ;-)

He pulled me to a stop in front of Zale's Jeweler’s, and said, "I believe we can make it Val. I'd like to make it happen with you. Marry me and be the mother of my children."

He already trusted me with his son (I made sure Alex was always a part of our dates when Bob had him for visitation weekends).
What could I do?
I loved Bob.
If he truly believed we had a chance ... then I was persuaded too.
We went into Zale's and walked out with 2 plain gold wedding bands.
I was 17, and Bob was 24.
And we made it for 44 years.

Marrying him was the BEST thing Bob ever talked me into :-D


I watered my garden beds from the rain barrels this afternoon; and burnt my exposed skin – it feels like it is STILL sizzling hours later.

While I was outside, I saw little mementos of love all around me; a tiny feather fluttering in the breeze, near a rain barrel on the side of the house near my planter boxes …

… and 3 stone hearts showing near the rain barrels on the opposite side of the house:

It was so hot this afternoon, that drawing a breath came close to searing my lungs; yet I saw love all around me today in my garden area ;-)

I love you, Babe.