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Friday, January 25, 2019


Help me Elohim.

Seriously; I need help in humanely dealing with unscrupulous people because all I want to do is grab them and shake some decency into them.

It seems to me that since August 29th, 2018, all I have done is deal with unscrupulous people – shysters with no consciences at all, and no moral compasses. The word shyster certainly fits what has happened and has been happening over the months, weeks, and days leading to another showdown with Candy this afternoon.

But before the office showdown with Candy, I checked the mail and saw that a.g.a.i.n. I am being double billed by AT/T: so I called them, fed up and frustrated. I finally got through after being put on hold for half an hour – only to be hung up on by some outsourced moron in India when I didn’t know the security code requested. When I did finally get a human voice again State-side I told her that my husband had died and I did not know the security code he had set up but since I am paying the bill I would appreciate it if someone would help me instead of cutting me off. She said she could help; so I asked her why I am being double-billed. After about 45 minutes of verbal wrangling and hot frustration on my end because I didn’t know what she was talking about, and she wasn’t sure how to dumb herself down any further to make me understand, she was finally able to explain that it only seems like double billing because I am still settling the old account under his name, while paying a partial month payment for the account transfer into my name … it sounded like double-speak to me and I said as much; also capping that frustration off with, “AT/T is making this whole process harder than it needs to be”. In other words, they are being shysters (I didn’t verbalize that thought, but I sure thought it!) So we ended the call with her assuring me that the old account in his name will finally end this month and all further billing will be a flat billing from here on out. And at a $46 savings to me – happy about that! It’s not a large sum, but it is $46 I didn’t have when I woke up this morning ;-)

That frustration settled, I bundled up and went outside to start dealing with the other frustration by moving square pavers until our friend David shows up (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/01/defining-line-in-rock.html) to help me move the contested planter boxes that caused so much trouble in August 2018 … and led to my husband’s death in December 2018.

Wheelbarrow flat tire, so I manually lifted, shifted, and moved the pavers closer to the planter boxes: I am sure my thighs and lower back will be complaining later tonight ;-)
Setting a square paver to mark the boundary line marker.

With the 2 of us putting our backs and shoulders into it, it didn’t take us long to move the boxes over because we only had to move them 2” over on our side! I was furious – to think that my husband died for a measly 2”! All the HELLaballoo that destroyed our lives in August was over a mere 2” >:-P

LAST SUMMER'S - August 30th, 2018 - baseless and destructive property complaint that sent my husband to ICU due to stress overload fallout. That wide strip of white rock is ON OUR SIDE OF THE PROPERTY LINE – and it measures 10” wide. Ron’s ludicrous paranoia and Candy’s arrogant egomania bred accusatory supposition that killed my husband with stress overload. There was NO REASON for the August confrontation that ruined our lives.
David and I only had to move the boxes A MEASURED MEASLY 2 INCHES ((((!)))) to satisfy Candy’s demand for “an approximate full foot from boundary line”: my husband died over a bitch about a measly 2 inches! I am furious!!
David helped me move all the boxes along the border line; this better settle the issue once and for all …
Paver was not a full 12” when actually measured; but that is beside the point. The point IS that my husband DIED because of Ron's and Candy's asinine and insane egomaniac thirsts for power and the CAUSE for their alarm was a measly 2 inches they felt was needed: we had ALREADY CLEARED 10 inches ON OUR SIDE. There was no real reason for the hell they brought into our lives in August 2018. Karma - they will get the karma they deserve ...
I laid all the available pavers to mark the boundary between our property and the complaining moron next door. Better not be any complaints now ...
Documenting video showing that I am laying the pavers FROM OUR SIDE and not encroaching IN ANY WAY on the neighboring moron's property to lay them.
I will need 33 more pavers to complete the boundary marking concrete borderline pathway ... this will take time because I do not have to the $$$ right now to finish the project. But I will. Somehow. And hopefully before this summer's end ;-)

After all this was done, and I was sopping sweaty and wet-haired after all that hard and vigorous work; I walked to the Park Office to tell Candy that the planter boxes and everything else along our boundary line had been moved over the 2 inches required to satisfy her and Ron ...

Our placement today differs from the diagram shown because my husband never got to finish the rest of the planned boxes that would bring this diagram into being :-(

... and what she said left me speechless! She looked at me and said, “Which way did you move them?” I said, “2 inches my way because that is what you are demanding – you wanted 12”, and we only had to move everything my way 2” from the boundary marker to make that 12” you insist upon.” I kid you not … she crossed her hands on her desk and looked straight in my eyes and said, “Well, my husband and grandsons already moved those boxes a foot and a half on your side, so now they are even further your way.” For a minute the roaring in my ears almost made me dizzy because I was seeing red. When I could finally speak, I said, “Candy, that is a lie; and you need to stop. Stop it! You can lie all you want to, but we took pictures of the measurements from the boundary marker to the boxes we moved today: WE, my friend David and I, moved them, no one else moved them. They were in the same spot they were in August when you started acting like the fool you are showing yourself to be right now. They were 10” from the property line THEN, and WE moved them TODAY the required 2” you demanded – my husband died for a lousy 2 inches.” She said, “Well, my husband knows exactly where the property lines are”. And I said, “So do I; they are clearly marked; anyone with eyes knows where they are. We took video documentation Candy.” Well, she looked like she had just sucked a basket of lemons, and said, “I’m not going to argue with you.” And I said, “You’re right. You aren’t”. Then I opened the door to leave and she asked, “So you really documented it?” And as I walked out, I said, “Yes, we did; have to document when dealing with liars, cheats, and thieves. The smart phone with the video application is a marvelous thing to keep things true and real.” Of all the nerve! 

LAST SUMMER’S DOCUMENTATION that there was NO 'trespassing' of ANY kind going on from our side – Ron's property begins the other side of the white line ... our boxes are clearly ON OUR SIDE and several inches from the white line contested by Ron ... and swallowed hook line and sinker by arrogantly clueless Candy.
As this video shows FROM AUGUST 30th, 2018, the planter boxes were NEVER MOVED by anyone until this afternoon when David and I TODAY muscled them over 2 inches to comply with Candy’s “full foot” demand.
Square paver measured with an inch-and a half to spare against the property line and planter boxes that led to my husband's death from stress overload caused by the unfounded and ludicrous accusations and insinuations brought to our front porch by Candy Scott at the behest of Ron Cook (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/09/fall-cleanup-and-forgiveness.html). 2 unrepentant morons who killed a good man with ridiculousness that flared into a full-out pancreatic attack that eventually took his life. And Candy IS STILL LYING with a psychopath's fervor >:-P
It was NEVER about the planter box placements as proven by Candy's bold faced lie this afternoon ... it WAS ALWAYS and will always BE about her egomania powertrips; she refused to accept the previous Manager's approval for the placements and DOGGEDLY INSISTED on her own write-off, as shown, until she got to give it. THIS is what the hellish blowout in August was really about.
And this is the end result: death and frustration over stuff and nonsense.

Candy is a psychotic shyster in ALL the word’s literal meaning. I almost feel sorry for the karma she will reap.

Almost; but not quite. Bold faced destructive and unrepentant liars deserve all the karma they have coming to them.

She and Ron will roast in hell for all the hell they have caused, are causing, and will cause because neither one of them are repentant in any way, shape, or form …

All I know is that ((((I)))) better not hear any more complaints from either of them ever again as long as I am a resident of this Park.

Help me Elohei.