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Friday, October 13, 2017

President Trump Ends obamanite Subsidies

Double ((((YAY!)))) today :-D

obamacare needs to be ended, and since congress refuses to act on it … President Trump will; and has.

obamacare never helped the young or old, the poor or needy; obamacare only helped the homosexual community continue their risky lifestyle while forcing Christians to ‘take it, like it or not’ and pay for it to boot: it was a wicked Ponzi scheme dreamed up by hellery clinton in the 1980’s and forced on Americans against their will in the 2000’s. My husband and I have had half of our Income Tax stolen from us every year since obamacare was forced on us because we flatly refuse to pay into it: we don’t use Insurance, and never will: medical insurance is a Ponzi scheme … always  has been – always will be.

The crooked consolidation of doctors, hospitals, and miscellaneous health care organizations have been ripping the people off left and right for decades … and with obamacare they thought they could reach right into the back pockets and purses of American Citizens and steal from them with no repercussions at all. Thank God that is finally coming to a screeching halt!

Trump Trumpets America’s Christian Core Values

GOOD FOR YOU, Mr. President!

Though all the 8 looooooooooooong and oppressive and outright hellish obamanite years we never stopped affirming our Messianic Christian Faith, though there were several people we knew who clamped down and caved in out of fear. I, for one, am glad that America now has a President that is favorable to Christians and Jews. For decades – since the turbulent nixon years, the timid ford years, the shaky carter years, the neo-nazi bush sr. years, the occultist regan years, the scandalous clinton years, the disastrous dubbya years … and on through the wicked and openly evil muslim obama years – Christian Americans and Jewish Americans have suffered unconcealed persecutions from those who claim to be tolerant, intellectual, and sophisticated people: they WERE ANYTHING BUT! Instead they were angry whiners given to shrill hysteria, incapable of tolerance, and totally unaccepting of being disagreed with.

And of course, the fag-hag-rag huffington post had to get ill-aimed poisoned dart jabs in, accusing President Trump of being the catalyst for everything that goes wrong in the world today. huffs biggest bitch about the Values Voter Summit is that it stands for preserving the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, sanctity of life, and limited government: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE GOALS? ANY rational thinking person would not have an issue with any of them. But … the fag-hag-rag huffington post and its minority supporters do not think rationally – they are hysterical knee-jerk opportunists driven by the traitorous wedge of political discontent birthed in the nixon years, ignored in the ford AND regan years, nurtured during the carter years, fanned into flames in BOTH of the bush years, overshadowed by the scandalous gossipy clinton years, and came to fruition during the blatantly perverted and rabidly racist muslim obama years … which the godless and perverted huff fans found solace, alliance, and was given presidential full reign to run wild and behave like savages (even though obama was not a legit prez, given he was NEVER a LEGIT American, or born on American soil, and given that he was NEVER ‘elected’, but rather won the Oval Office and White house by a carefully waged political coup). Still, obamanites, like the huff, continue to slander President Trump - misquoting him or downright twisting his words to their political aim.

Sooooooo ………………..

YES huff! President Trump did indeed slap a travel ban on 3rd world countries intent on the destruction of America. Americans THANK him for that! If YOU have a problem with THAT … GO TO THOSE countries and dwell among the heathens: you will get a real taste of reality instead of the perverted sweetened political BS you have been dining on. HYPOCRITE!

YES huff! Hate crime HAS increased after President Trump was elected because your muslim man-god, barak hussain obama fanned the flames of racial division 24/7/365 FOR 8 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG YEARS – the stage was set and the fruit was ripe and the black racists were quick to spring into action as soon as their black man-god was toppled and his messiah-complex-crown knocked off his angry head. Blame the sower: barak hussain obama … who was on the scene SINCE THE 1960s dining on the same racial hatred you savor too. And your quip about ‘refusing to condemn racists’ – barak hussain obama shares in that too. While the perverted obamas were in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the virulent racist muslim black panthers were present trolling and patrolling the White House grounds, farrakhan himself hailed barak hussain obama as the black savior and chastised him for not accrediting the black panthers with his coup victory; the black liberation supremacy terrorist groups … black lives matter, and antifa - both adopted children of the black panther organization, were birthed and grew to maturity with barak hussain obama’s blessing and full support: and I don’t hear anyone in YOUR camp bitching, whining, moaning, and condemning them. As a matter of fact, barak hussain obama was not as generous as President Trump in regards to personal character attributes – barak hussain obama FLATLY announced whites as racist, white Christians as domestic terrorists, and white police personal as assasins; BTW, do you realize that ‘white’ is NOT a skin color? It is instead a racist slur used by racists. HYPOCRITE!

YES huff! President Trump is quick to condemn athletes (ANY athlete, by the way) that historically ignorantly, politically arrogantly, and self-righteously prefer to kneel in a RACIST ACTION rather than honorably and rightly acknowledge the Nation that gave them so much … and gave then the FREEDOMS they MISUSE to accost and abuse those they hate with a racist fervor. It is the DUTY of EVERY American to acknowledge the American Flag and to honor it: these athletes are traitors and deserve to be kicked off the field.

Oh, and BTW … Mike Ditka, you do know who he is, don’t you? … sides with President Trump on the issue; and Americans side with both of them. HYPOCRITE!

YES huff! President Trump did state that pureto rico will eventually have to learn to grow up and start walking and talking at the same time instead of sitting on their asses and waiting to be spoon-fed American aid. What’s wrong with that? If it were up to me, I’d leave them to themselves since they want to be independent of America until they need American help. They are acting like spoiled brats and I – if I were president – would treat them like spoiled brats: bite the hand that feeds and the hand stops feeding until it can eat without biting and be content with the food it is given. BUT President Trump has been helpful and generous with them … and they immediately started bitching about his lack of interest and slow action, when instead it was the governor that was at fault: she was too busy posting FB selfies and hysterical political BS instead of getting workers to the dock to unload the GENEROUS ‘help’ President Trump sent … and she failed to acknowledge. HYPOCRITE!

You know what huff? YOU are the very thing you condemn.

President Trump may not be the best politician we have ever seen in our lifetime, and you know what? THAT’S A GOOD THING because Americans are fed up with smooth talking, rock star celebrity style politicians that are more for themselves and their perverted agendas than they are with America, Americans and America’s core values. President Trump was VOTED IN BECAUSE HE WAS NOT A POLITICIAN.

It’s time to bring sanity back to America so Americans can live free and feel safe again. President Trump is ding that – one small step at a time. And Americans are cheering him and rooting to make American great again.

Don’t like that? Feel free to leave America, the Land of the free and the brave, and go squat in any one of the 3rd world countries you identify with and prefer over America. America and Americans won’t miss you; and with any luck at all, you’ll end up in a 3rd world country that has been banned from applying for a travel visa. A dose of REAL reality just might wake you up. Hypocrite!