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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Facts DO Matter lemonhead lemon …

In a brutally racist rant … which colorblinded and brainwashed libtard demoncrats lemons like don lemon commonly issue … designed to pound the White House and the current administration with, the reigning cnn moron took issue with White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to lie like the lying dog he is.

EVERYONE KNOWS – including the black community – that the ‘black congresswoman' in question is UNQUESTIONABLY UNSTABLE AND A FLAMING RACIST.

From the onset, lemonhead lemon has taken delight in acting childishly churlish towards President Trump and his administration, slamming them again and again with his twisted vision of ‘a pattern of deceit’.

In particular, cnn’s own lemon – don lemon – takes umbrage with anyone who does not worship at the altar of black nationalism and refuses to acknowledge the black man-god barak hussain obama. In cnn’s lemonhead lemon’s opinion, barak hussain obama is ‘above criticism’ and black nationalism is his creed and religion … making it impossible for lemonhead lemon to be objective and rendering him incapable of recognizing ‘the truth’. What would he know about the truth? Lemon has been worshipping at the dark and odorous altar of barak hussain obama for years!

So, in your own words, lemonhead lemon … {with all due respect, it is absolutely appropriate to question anyone when their facts are wrong and when they refuse to admit it}: that would INCLUDE your flamboyant black congresswoman who makes a habit out of being DIShonest in all of her dealings, and acting like a bonafide moron on every occasion that will grab her headlines: just like your man-god, barak hussain obama; who also was dishonest in all of his dealings and continues to behave like the unrepentant moron he is, grabbing selfie headlines at every opportunity thinking to STILL pass himself off as the chief of staff, press secretary, and debunked president of the USA. HE WAS EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY KICKED TO THE CURB because Americans got tired of the greedy self-promotion, hatred of America and Americans, and unrepentant delusional deceptions – GET OVER IT. black nationalism no longer rules.

Sadly, the truth is that lately it seems lemons like cnn’s don lemon, and his black nationalist moron pals like the ‘black congresswoman’ isn’t being pandered to from the podium and that irks them to no end.

Facts DO matter.

The only ones being ‘shredded’ for falsehoods are lemonhead lemon, frederica wilson, barak hussain obama, and the entire libtard demoncrat assembly whose shaky dishonest parody of {careers} is based on lies because they have been spoon-fed lies and drink deeply from the depths of lies.

don lemon is a lemon and not to be taken seriously because he is very, very bitter fruit from the black nationalism tree of death.