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Thursday, March 9, 2017

BREAKING: Muslims TOOK OVER School to Pray… But Principal Had PERFECT An...

American principles need to follow suit in American schools …


Speaking of American {schools} ... the Berkeley propaganda lair needs to be SHUT DOWN until the {students} stop acting like undisciplined animals. And ANY FEDERAL FUNDING needs to be HALTED until this ridiculous place starts actually "educating" people in life and job skills - you know, R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

Anti-Trump Federal Judges STUNNED By Brilliant ‘Surprise’ Trump Hid in N...

The left may say this is horrible news, but logical thinking and right-minded folks know this is fantastic news.

President Trump is doing his best to protect the country and in the SHORT FAST PACED FIFTY DAYS he's been in Office ... is doing an awesome job.

Of course the demoncrats and libtards will frantically look for a way around this order, but they are out of luck; there is a real man in the White House with mature cajones in the Oval Office; making real-life-real-time-decisions with the safety, security, and goodwill towards REAL Americans on his mind ... unlike limp-wristed effeminate muslim barak hussain obama who did his hellish damnest to beat legit Americans down while commanding his hellish obamanite minions to carry out a perverted and political obama jihad designed to destroy the spiritual, moral, financial, and LEGAL foundation of America.

obama failed, but President Trump is prevailing :-D

Well done President Trump!

IT’S HAPPENING! obama to be Investigated for Wiretapping Trump Towers


Breaking! Linda Sarsour Arrested

I’m a glad this moron's retarded butt was hauled in; I hope they throw the book at her and keep her the hell off American streets.

Better yet ... DEPORT HER back to wherever she came from and let her live out her sharia law dream there: WE DON'T WANT IT HERE IN AMERICA.

Nest of Vipers

obamanites are pathetic creatures:

Rabid racists.

Hateful minions.

Morons; clueless tools for *ools.

Anarchists ... bold and unashamed.

Terrorists ... bold and unashamed.

Sad; soul-less creatures.

Angry throwbacks to third world mentalities.

Miserable wannabes.

Desperate criminals.

Bloodthirsty animals.

Pathetic …

… nest of vipers.

I Wish ... I Wish … I Wish …

I wish the earth would open up and swallow ALL of the obamnites.

They are terrorists and foster anarchy.

They are ALL serious mental cases; from barak hussan obama to the bottom of the barrel of snakes.

NOTE the senators at the bottom of this article and vote/pray them OUT of office and out of the public limelight.