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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Last week we were on the road and a Thursday Bible Study was not posted; but it will be posted today ;-)


While they were still talking to the people, the priests, the Sadducees and the captain of the Temple came upon them, angered because they had been teaching the people and preaching that Yeshua had been risen from the dead. So they arrested them and threw them into prison until the next day. It was then already evening. But of those who had heard the sermon, many believed, and the number of disciples increased to about 5000.

On the next day the rulers, elders and scribes came together in Jerusalem. Annas, the high priest, was there as well as Caiaphas, John and Alexander; in fact, all the members of the high priest family was there. They placed the apostles before them and demanded to know, ‘By what power, or in whose name have you done this?’

The Simon Peter, filled with The Ruach, gave reply. “Rulers of the people and elders of Israel,” he said, “Listen! Today we have done a good deed to a helpless man. Maybe you are questioning us as to how he was healed. If so, then let it be known to you and to all the people of Israel that this man now stands before you perfectly sound, made so in the Name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach of Nazareth, Whom you crucified but Elohim raised up again from the dead. He is the {Stone that you builders rejected, Which has become the Chief Cornerstone – Psalm 118:22}. There is salvation in no one else, nor is there any other Name under Heaven given among men by which we can be saved.”

They were surprised to note the boldness of Simon Peter and John. They could tell that they were simple men with no schooling, so they were astonished at them. And they recognized that they had been with Yeshua. But they did not dispute what they had said, because the man who had been healed was standing there with them. So they ordered them to leave the council, and held a consultation with one another. ‘What shall we do with these men?’ they asked, ‘it is clear to every inhabitant of Jerusalem that a remarkable miracle has been performed through them. We cannot deny that. Now to keep the news of it from spreading father among the people, let us warn them with threats not to say anything to anyone in this Name.’ So they called them in again and ordered them not to speak or teach at all in the Name of Yeshua. In answering them, Simon Peter and John said, “Whether it would be right for us, before Elohei, to listen to you rather than to Elohei, you will have to judge. But as for us, we cannot do otherwise than tell the things that we have seen and heard.” They then let them go, after having added some further threats. On account of the people, they could find no way to punish them, because everyone was praising Elohim for what had taken place. And the man on whom this miracle of healing had been wrought was more than 40 years of age.

As soon as the Apostles were set free, they went back to their own group and told them everything that the chief priests and elders had said. On hearing their story, they lifted up their voices to Elohei with one account and said, “El Elohim (Almighty God), You are the maker of the heavens, the earth, the sea and everything that is in them. You have sad through The Ruach, by the mouth of our father David, Your servant, ‘Why did the heathen rage and plan vain things? The kings of the earth took a stand, and the rulers untied against Adonai and against His Mashiach. How true is it that both Herod and Pontius Pilate, as well as the Gentiles and the tribes of Israel, united here against Yeshua, Your Holy Servant, Whom You had anointed! They would carry out whatever plans and purposes You have decreed should take place. And now, Adonai, take note of their threats, and let Your servants preach Your Word with all boldness! May Your hand be stretched out to heal, and may signs and wonders be done through the Name of Yeshua, Your holy Servant!” When their prayer had ended, the place in which they had gathered was shaken, and they were filled with The Ruach and spoke the Word of Elohei with boldness.

All the Believers were then of 1 heart and 1 soul, and not one of them claimed any of his own possessions as his own, but they owned everything in common. With great power the Apostles gave testimony concerning the resurrection of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, and great was the grace that rested on all of them. No ne among them was in want, because all who owned lands or houses sold them, and they brought the proceeds from the properties sold – this they laid at the feet of the Apostles, after which a distribution was made to each one according to his need. Among them was one Joseph, surnamed Barnabas by the Apostles, a name meaning Son of Consolation. He was a Levite, and a native of Cyprus. He had some land, but he sold it and laid the money at the Apostles feet.


Yesterday afternoon when we got back from the Park, I tackled the garden area – and pulled cabbage plants that were being eaten alive by cabbage worms I thought I had been controlling by removing contaminated leaves; and planting 2 new beds, planting upended plastic forks and knives with the sprouted corn seeds to thwart the neighbor’s cat and covering the seeded carrot/rutabaga/turnip areas with repurposed greenhouse wire racks I salvaged from last year’s house sale and move. Hopefully I have done what I can to keep that darned cat out of my veggie beds. THAT kind of fertilizer I do NOT need or want >:-P Our growing season is short as it is and I do not want any sudden surprises that would set me back weeks … effectively ending my gardening this year.

NOT happy about THIS! Obviously these two have been around awhile. Somehow these two had escaped my diligent searches for such ruinous creatures. Next year I am going to have to cover my cabbages with netting – there wasn’t time this year with all the sudden (((surprises!))) that come with setting up a new home in a new locale (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2017/06/new-home-d.html); I’ll be more prepared next year to ward off the dreaded cabbage moth. We had A LOT going on this year!
And another; I pulled ALL of the cabbages - I just do not have the time this year to keep messing around with cabbages as much as I like eating them in the Fall and Winter months. I'll use the vacated space for something else ... perhaps carrots - there are never enough carrots laid away to go from Fall to Spring; and they are relatively easy to grow. Cabbages are fickle things ...
New plantings today in the 2 new boxes Hubs finished - Corn sprouts with seeded Beets at the end. Corn & Butternut Squash in largest pot; Bush Beans in the other 3 forefront pots. Only 13 sprouted corn planted this year instead of the 75 I would normally have planted … maybe next year ;-)
Seeded and secured Beets, Carrots, Rutabagas, and Turnips. About a ¼ of what would normally be planted, but all the veggie boxes are not yet built and a gals gotta do what a gal’s gotta do with what is available.

People always ask me why I “waste time” gardening in such a fickle environment when I can just hop into town and “buy what’s needed.” The answer is simple: I LIKE IT! It relaxes me and refreshes my spirit. It gives me comfort to know that my family is eating CLEAN food which has not been poisoned with pesticides and growth hormones. I find contentment when sifting dirt through my fingers and plotting my beds. It gives me joy to watch the seedlings sprout, grow, and thrive. I like the smell of crushing a tomato leaf between my thumb and forefinger and getting a whiff of that heady aroma that only tomato leaves can give off. I could just run into town and buy veggies … but I would MISS all the FUN STUFF of really enjoying the veggies from start to finish. Mainly the challenge. Life without challenge is kinda boring ;-)

Broccoli coming on strong.
Another beautiful head of broccoli.

Third head of broccoli; looking good!
And the cauliflower is showing! I have never been able to grow a decent cauliflower without it bolting - hopefully THESE will mature ...
And a fourth too! HAPPY! I will be tickled pink IF they do not bolt and actually make it to the freezer ;-)

I have mulched my veggie beds with shredded paper (paper is good for worms, and worms are wanted in a healthy garden: good worms, NOT cabbage worms) – I started doing this a couple years ago and it works well. I have noticed here though, that the river wind is so strong and so brisk when it blows through that I am going to have to cover the shredded paper with weighted torn-to-size-newspaper pages to keep the shreds from being loosened and set afloat on the wind: it can be a wind tunnel here, so I need to take precautions to keep the neighbors from complaining. So far none have, but I am a firm believer in heading off trouble before it takes root. We haven’t even been here a year yet but this is where we will stay planted so I want the remaining years to be peaceful ones – at least as peaceful as such close proximity can reap.

Jim Cohen’s Sephardic Short Ribs

Supper underway in the crockpot … bread rising in the oven for fresh bread … and chicken thawing for tomorrow’s Supper: I am on top of things today ;-)

Tonight we will be eating a favorite recipe Jim Cohen has cooked for The Lodge at Vail, Colorado. This recipe is delicious and can be made using flanken, short ribs, or brisket; I use Country Ribs … and cook this meal in my crockpot adding the flour to make a gravy AFTER the meal has cooked ;-)

Short Ribs on left; Flanken on right

Jim Cohen’s Sephardic Short Ribs ~ serves 8

4 pounds Flanken (or beef short ribs) * Salt & Pepper to taste * Flour for dredging * ¼ cup Olive Oil * 2 Onions, diced * 1 teaspoon chopped fresh Ginger * 1 teaspoon Cinnamon * 3 cups Orange Juice * 2 cups dried pitted prunes * 2 cups dried Apricots * 4 cups Chicken Stock * ½ cup hot red pepper sauce * Saffron Rice (or mashed potatoes)

Season the meat with salt and pepper and dredge with flour. Heat the oil in a large sauté pan and brown the meat on all sides. Remove from pan.

In the same pan, over medium heat, sauté the onions and ginger until the onions are transparent. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the onions. Stir in juice, stirring and scraping up the browned bits from the pan.

Put the ribs in a heavy casserole. Pour sauce over the ribs. Add ½ the prunes, ½ the apricots, the stock, and red pepper sauce. Cover and cook in a preheated 350-degree oven until the ribs are tender – about 2-1/2 hours. (If you use a 5-pound Brisket, cook for 3 hours)

Cool and refrigerate a few hours or overnight; remove the fat that congeals on the top.

A half hour before serving, plum the remaining apricots and prunes in warm water.

Puree the sauce in a food processor or blender and reheat with the meat and serve with the plumped fruits and saffron rice or mashed potatoes.

**CROCKPOT METHOD: Put all ingredients into crockpot and set to LOW cooking for 6 to 8 hours until meat is cooked through. Remove meat from juice and keep warm in oven. Cook rice or potatoes and add flour to rib juice to make a gravy. When rice or potatoes are done, remove meat from oven and serve with gravy. Simple! And yummy too :-D