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Friday, March 10, 2017

DISGUSTING! The MoCA Annual Gala with Marina Abramovic and Celebrities

I have always like the band, Blondie … BUT I WILL NEVER listen to debbie harry again.


And I am going to destroy the CDs I have.

This is seriously S.I.C.K. and perverted. I fail to see the “art” … and one has to wonder what the hell these sicko ‘celebrities’ were thinking to behave so badly.

This disgusting behavior celebrates cannibalism and hinges on demonic activity.


Very sick.

muslim Students Learning it’s Okay to Kill, Grill and Eat Christians and Jews

The history of cannibalism may be writing a new chapter based upon what egyptian students are being taught in this modern generation.  A high school textbook being used in some egyptian schools is telling muslim students that it is okay to kill an infidel or apostate and eat them.  The lessons were brought to light by an egyptian scholar who is genuinely concerned about the teachings.