I'll Meet You There ...

Thursday, September 19, 2019


This afternoon I did more Fall prep in my garden area. I like spending time in my garden area. Bob helped create this space with me – for me; from the planter boxes he designed and crafted superficially for me … to the placement of each box.

When I am in my garden area, I feel serenity.

Even though having these boxes is what killed my husband.

My husband literally died because of these planter boxes

And that is why I will continue to use them until they fall apart.

And Candy can be damned.

That said, I had winged visitors in my garden area today – and winged visitors in the carport that intended a paper-thin ‘squatting’ … which I quickly destroyed. While I gladly unroll the red carpet for hummingbirds and butterflies: I firmly pull he welcome mat out from under hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets:

Wasp nest in carport rafters; I knocked it down – and didn’t get stung. Thank Elohim!

It didn’t take a lot of strength to knock that wasp’s nest down from the carport rafter, but it did take courage – 1 sting from any of those winged terrorists and I will die. They gotta go.

That done, I pulled carrots and onions from their garden beds and soaked the box soil off of them while I finished putting the veggie beds to sleep for the next 6 months. I moved the turmeric under the carport too – I’m not sure if this will be enough protection for that plant, but I am going to give it a whirl; it’s really all the viable space I have here. And I wrapped foil pieces around the rain barrel spigots & hoses …

I rearranged the rain barrels and wire cages in the carport too. I have a guy coming to wash the windows next Thursday, and he needs to be able to get to the window.

While I was spreading and securing bird netting over the veggie boxes, a little hummingbird showed up and flitted around – at one point perching on a wire cage next to me. I was excited!

A hummingbird stopped by for a short visit while I was putting the veggie beds to rest for the Fall/Winter months :-D
3/4 I covered most of the beds with net before the rain started falling …

After the little hummer zipped away, I pulled the hanging coleus pots and moved them inside; placing them inside my plastic grow bin on the coffee table in front of the livingroom window, where they should get the required sunshine they need to stay healthy and survive until next Spring. I’ve never tried this before, but I have heard that it can be done – we’ll see:

Coleus' overwintering in the house

Turning around from the coleus’, my eye caught movement and I glanced out the window – a butterfly! A butterfly was enjoying my zinnias. And I was enjoying the butterfly ;-)

BUTTERFLY ON ZINNIAS! Sorry about the loud A/C in the background …

And then the promised rain came …. And scared my winged friends away …