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Monday, September 23, 2019



I was curious what was in this file on Bob’s laptop, and was surprised to see these pictures of my beautiful wolf, Precious.

I have been thinking of her lately, when I think of Bob.

I had no idea he had these pictures – I thought they were lost forever when my old laptop died:

The home we lived in in Lexington, WA before we bought our current home. Precious was 10 years old in this picture. She was 1/2 Timber Wolf & 1/2 Gray Wolf. She was a wonderful companion.
I loved my pretty girl. And I loved Bob for letting me have her (he did nix me having a cougar cat though ;-))
We had to have a choke collar on her when we took her out in public because she was considered "a dangerous exotic animal", even though she was the most gentle creature we had ever known, or owned. Actually, though, she "owned" us ... and she could somehow make her head smaller and slip right out of that collar when she had a notion to: in temperament she was a lot like me - she didn't like feeling trapped in her surroundings.
Precious on a camping trip with us to Millersylvania State Park in WA. She would have been about 2 years old at this time.
Bob & Precious about 6 years ago. I want to say this was taken at Trillium Lake in the Mount Hood area in OR. ... but, this could be around the new Spirit Lake in the Mount St. Helen's area - I am not sure, and Bob didn't label the picture.
Off the leash, and "in her element" at Trillium Lake about 6 years ago. Mount Hood area in OR.
Precious was about 6 feet long (stretched out) & 120 pounds. She was 10 years old in this picture. I had to put her down when she got foot cancer at 12 years old - it was almost as hard as letting Bob go ... Precious left our life, and Elohim sent us a grandson: a true miracle.

Precious lived in-house with us, and slept in our bed until sleeping 3 full grown adults in a Queen-sized bed got too crowded. LOL Then, she slept on a floor pillow in our bedroom.

She went everywhere with us because wolves are pack creatures and suffer extreme anxiety if they are separated from their pack - if she wasn't welcome where we were going ... we didn't go there. She was with us always. Precious even went to church :-D

I brought her home to live with us when she was 6 weeks old - just weaned. I admit that when I saw her father, I was a little nervous and questioned my ability to control her as she grew; but once it was established that I was alfa-female, she obeyed me.

Plus, one night when Bob was driving truck - around midnight, Precious got feisty - so I did what Ravenwolf told me I might have to do to get her to behave and recognize me as alfa-female leader ... I steeled myself and bit her lower lip, forcing her head down to the floor. IT WORKED! I didn't get bit either - of course, Precious wasn't very old at that point in time, but still, if she wanted to bite me, her teeth could have done some injury because I was literally "in her face".

About a week later, talking with Ravenwolf, he asked me "How's the wolf you got from me doing?" So, I told him, "Well, she got feisty one night, so I did what you told me to do - I bit her lip and forced her to obey me."

RAVENWOLF NEVER EXPECTED ME TO ACTUALLY DO THAT! He said, "You did WHAT? Wow, I never anyone who ever did that before."

I said, "Well, now you do - I did it; and it worked." ;-)

Dogs always scared me: getting a dog in the first place as a birthday gift for our daughter on her 18th birthday (which we ended up raising!) really was a big step for me - I had been terrorized by scottish terrors as a young child; and my brother Sam had been bit in the face by a german shepherd we knew and grew up with; dogs to me, always seemed like a crap shoot I didn't want to try. But, with Tyson, I came to love and enjoy a dog. Then we inherited a Chow - I loved Cody too.

But Precious was a wolf - A LOT DIFFERENT THAN A DOG.

But I loved her, and once she realized I was supreme being in her life, she loved me too with a fierceness that was reciprocated. Everyone who came in close contact with Precious loved her. She loved babies and kids - in the wild, Precious would have been the 'babysitter' of her pack: she certainly was in our pack ;-)

Precious died from foot cancer 5 years ago.

MAN! I miss my man … who just keeps giving and giving, and giving me good memories.


Forever & Always.



I miss my Babe.

A lot.

I also like Etta’s music; rumor had it that her father was Minnesota Fats – the world-famous pool player.

My father played pool with Minnesota Fats: Bob & I watched him on the TV.