I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Today was a busy day – I ended up taking a 3 hour nap after I got back home!

Today I peeked into the past, dealt with today’s immediate issues, and started preparing for the future Winter months ;-)

I had an appointment in town around noon – and arrived early; so I did a Word Search Puzzle while I waited for the door to open. The puzzle I did was a word search based on ‘Auto Maintenance’: doing that puzzle brought back the memory of our first September together, when Bob would make a point to be home early night after work to grab the 2 metal garbage cans we had/throw them in the back of the pickup/go down to the marina where he would set up a make-do driving obstacle course for me to maneuver. THAT did not last long! Bob was an excellent driver, and anyone else would have been privileged to learn from him … but our temperaments just did not mesh – The thing would end with me coming home in tears, and Bob following me into the house in frustration.

Over time, we learned to come to peaceful agreements on hot topic issues.

And, I eventually did get my driver’s license.

And I was thankful to have it during those 4 horrible months I was tearing up the local road while Bob was in the hospital dying last Fall/Winter.

Around noon, after my appointment, I went grocery shopping while in town, and saw ‘Senior Multi-Vitamins’ for people over 60 – and thought to myself that maybe the Health Food Store may have better ones; so I made a mental note to myself to check that possibility out after I loaded my groceries into the car:

Grocery shopping is still a hard task to get through.

I drove over to Kelso, and read the large piece of paper spread & taped across the Country Village window: they had moved! And the address meant nothing to me – nothing at all: I couldn’t place it. So, I thought, “I’ll just punch it into the navigation program, and the car will take me right to it”. I had watched Bob do that enough times, that I felt reasonably confident that I could do it too.


It was not as easy to do as it seemed while I had watched Bob do it.

But I eventually DID manage to DO it – and did a mental happy dance, feeling Bob had been watching me struggle, and applauded my eventual success ;-)

I learned how to use the navigational feature of the car – Bob would be proud of me ;-)

The car did take me to the new location … and I realized that I could have walked to it from the grocery storeReading an address doesn't TELL me anything! Landmarks DO. So, now I know where it is for future visits :-D

The saleswoman told me that, yes, they did carry multi-vitamins for Seniors – so I bought what I thought would work for me, as well as Iron supplement capsules: I am severely anemic … so much so that doctors before I stopped using doctors, wanted to have me do blood transfusions; but I refused – and still refuse. I try to get my vitamins and iron through foods organically. My garden didn’t do so well this year due to the whacky weather here in the PNW, so I will try to o the vitamin regime this year.

I normally do not buy vitamin supplements, because my body rejects vitamin supplements, and they are just a big waste of time and $$.

But I really got very sick last year because my body was so run down after the 4 month death watch – and I do NOT want a repeat of THAT this year. I have been taking better care of myself this year, but I will need vitamin help to keep my body healthy because my garden was a bust this year … and when Alex took me to Yelm to get some meat orders, he did not want me buying liver because he hates liver and didn’t even want the wrapped meat in his car: so I was not able to get my organic iron supplement that way; I have been buying Liver with Onions meals at the Indy Way Diner at least twice a month, but the meals are $17 each, and that gets very spendy after a while. I am hoping to get to the Yelm meat market, myself, the Spring of 2020 to get some Liver, but in the meantime, I will try the iron capsules; and hope and pray my body does not reject the supplements.