I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


The sun put in a brief appearance yesterday afternoon, blue sky poking through the thick, low-lying gray clouds that have seriously hampered my gardening this year – neither the sun, nor the blue sky stuck around too long … but for one brief, shining moment, it did finally show up:

So; I went out to my garden area to gather some English Thyme sprigs to air dry: they needed pruning, and there was a break in the rain.

While I was out there, I checked the garden beds to see what needed weeded, pinched, corralled, and otherwise tidied up.

I saw several cucumbers showing; a healthy baby Spaghetti Squash showing (and was disappointed to see 1 dead on the vine, and 2 more dying on the vine), several baby Zucchini’s standing at attention – and I picked the 1 distorted green zucchini …

Patio Snacker Cucumber
Baby Spaghetti Squash: I hope this one survives and makes it!
Spaghetti Squash dead on the vine.
Spaghetti Squash dying on the vine due to the continual wet and sultry weather. No sunshine - low, overhanging gray clouds. Yo-yoing temperatures.
Distorted Zucchini. I salvaged this before it went totally ruined ...

Everywhere, leaves are yellowing due to the excess moisture and drying sultry/humid weather:

Rutabaga leaves yellowing. The wet, humid, sultry days are the culprit.

But what concerns me the most is the tasseling corn: it is just waaay too soon for the tasseling to start - but the corn is seriously stressed out …

Painted Corn tasseling too early. Again, the weather conditions are the culprit. I hope I can salvage the crop ...

But what I do?

I am thinking this is going to be a very skimpy harvest from my garden area this year. That makes me sad; I was SO hoping I would get a good harvest to take some of the sting out of Bob’s absence here on Earth :-(

I gleaned some more collard leaves; trashed chewed on cabbage and mustard leaves: picked some blueberries and brought my thyme sprigs inside. Then I washed it all and set it out to dry a bit before storing and hanging.

While waiting, I ate lunch – then got started on another kitchen towel set design. I browsed Pinterest for some fall themed graphs and finally found one I liked and think will work with the variegated cotton yarn I will be using for the background:

MOD Autumn Kitchen Towel colored graph chart.
MOD Autumn Kitchen Towel knit hemline pattern stitch – old Mon Tricot pattern.
MOD Autumn Kitchen Towel knit hemline detail.

By then, the thyme sprigs had dried off enough to hang in the alcove room (which has now morphed a tidy storage area room). I had clipped more sprigs that I thought, so I had to hang the overflow on my grandson’s book rack. LOL!

But that’s okay – I haven’t seen him in a while, and a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do ;-)

English Thyme harvest; air-drying On the rack Bob built for me. Repurposed Bazaar Hanging Rack. 8 ct. on this rack.
English Thyme harvest: had an over-abundance of sprigs, so I tied these to air dry on the stacked Book Rack (it works. LOL). 8 ct. on this rack.