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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Yarn of 2 Skeins of Yarn :-D

This afternoon we visited some friends and shopped our way home as we passed through town – as we passed Jo-Ann’s on the way to the grocery store, I said to Hubs, “Nip in here; I need to buy 2 skeins of yarn”. I had in mind the 2 colors I would need to work out the slipper design I see in my head, but my yarn stash at home is dangerously low and lacking the 2 colors I need. Hubs teased me and said, “I bet you can’t limit yourself to 2 skeins” … and I replied, “Yes. I can. I can get more later; I just want to wrap things up asap and get home. I’m tired.”

Well … I got to the yarn isle and started to reach for the 7-oz. Red Heart Super Saver skeins I always get, when I noticed that 3-oz. Red Heart yarns were on sale! I immediately started berating myself for saying out loud that I as only going to "get 2 skeins and be right back out" of Jo-Ann's. Darn it! Quickly calculating the sale prices, it dawned on me that I could get MORE yarn for my $$’s and still stay honest ;-)

So I did: I bought SIX skeins at sale price and broke kinda even price-wise. The 7-oz. skeins ran $7.99/EA and the 3-oz. skeins ran $2.79/EA – about a $0.76 difference. MPO is that according to my calculations and the registered total … I DID actually “only get 2 skeins of yarn”, with the extra one thrown in only costing me an additional 76 cents (2 smaller skein equal 1 large skein). So both Hubs and I were right in our teasing conclusions ;-)

Hubs started laughing when he saw the bulging bag I was carrying across the parking lot, and I started laughing when I saw his laughing face through the windshield where he waited for me in the pickup.

And I explained the whole thing to him, concluding with: “…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Then we went grocery shopping and I grabbed a box of chocolates – also on sale – to enjoy while working out my newest design. It’s supposed to snow tonight through tomorrow, so holing up inside with my yarn, chocolate candies, and a warm fire crackling soothingly in the woodstove, I will be busily content:

Such is the yarn of the 2 skeins of yarn :-D :-D