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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


A week ago I took stock of my Bazaar Cache and realized that I hadn’t as much in the bins as I assumed I had (!), so I ran into town and bought some more yarn … as if I didn’t have enough in the 11 boxes that came with us when we moved in this house in June; LOL. The truth is that though I do have LOTS of yarn, NONE of it was the colors I needed for the projects I had in mind - isn’t that the main lament of a yarn hoarder? Hahaha. I mostly use Red Heart yarn because it is tried and true. I did use Lion's Brand Homespun for the Santa beard because I like the effect of Homepsun.

And NONE of the Joann coupons I took with me were worth the trouble I took to cut them apart and stick them in my purse – EVERY ONE OF THEM were for the following week (today as a matter of fact, as I type): I am thinking the coupons are no good for me as they are always – for one reason or another worthless: our paydays just do not jive with the dates required and I don't spend every day running into town and shopping.

Anyhow, long story short; I needed more yarn/I bought more yarn/I came home and got busy … and am praying like crazy that I make a good return on the expenditure during the upcoming Bazaars ;-)

For the majority of the Summer we were doing a kitchen remodel so I didn’t have much time to design anything new – this past week I only had time to design 2 items even though I worked up 7 items that need to be tagged and cached. Here are the pictures of the items I made this past week (and I always tweak the original patterns to suit my customer’s whims) – with original pattern links following to give credit where credit is due:

Scandinavian Santa Gnome – he is so cute, I just had to make him. And if he doesn’t sell, he can sit on my window sill until January 2018 ;-) $15

Having had only girls underfoot for 40 years and primarily working up girl items through the years, I am finding it a pleasure and a joy to think of and work up boy items and thinking of my little grandson and how he would like the things I am making. This past week I focused on Monster Hats. Apparently girls like Monster Hats too, so I made a few. These hats were simple to do … and fun too:

MOD Blue Critter Hat – minus the mustache and tassles $10 1 to 3 YO
My Critter Hat inspiration – Critter Hat, Mustache Monster Blue - LL Bean $16.99
MOD Pink Critter Hat - minus smile and tassels $10 1 to 3 YO
My Critter Hat Inspiration – Critter Hat, Smile Monster Pink – LL Bean $19.95

The Basic Earflap pattern I used for MOD items above can be found at this link: FREE Basic Earflap Pattern: https://web.archive.org/web/20160229125904/http://craft-chic.com/free-crochet-pattern-basic-ear-flap-hat/

These cute bug-eyed beanies were a combination of the above pattern ... and the following pattern link following pics ...

Blue Googly Eye Monster Hat $10 4 to 10 YO
Pink Googly Eye Monster Hat $10 4 to 10 YO