I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Last night I was doing something and got excited and wanted to share it with Bob - I had actually risen from my recliner and was mid-step towards the back room where he always watched TV, when I realized he wasn't back there anymore.

That was a freaky moment!

I am glad I could not see my expression. Feeling the shock and loss all at once was tough enough.

Nothing like THAT has never happened before; I am sure it happened because I was so tired. I have put in two 9 hour days outside getting my gardens in.

I hope it doesn't happen again.

It is not a good feeling ...

Today I drove up the hill to go to Keenager’s (a Senior Christian gathering) after doing a bit of shopping in town – and I am glad I did; I needed to be there even though I didn’t realize I needed to be there until I decided to get in the car and go there ;-)

Some Wednesdays, I don’t go: it all depends on what I have going on around the home-front.

But my garden is in now and I needed to give my hands a break … I knew if I stayed home, I’d have my aching hands busy; and they really need a break.

I got there about half an hour early, so I got a cup of coffee and asked what I could do to help, and was given the light “task” of setting the hymnals on the tables. After that was done, Sandi told me to help myself to one of the colorful roses she had brought for all the mother’s for upcoming Mother’s Day:

People started arriving …


… and several asked me how I am doing. They know Bob is in Heaven now, but they remember us as a couple devoted to one another, so they are gathering the Friendship Wagons around me and helping me learn to fly solo with my broken wing. They are Christian ‘family’, and their kind and thoughtful inclusions are love in action. Four of them got up from their usual table and came over to keep me company in my corner table – I always sit in the corners at gatherings; and in the back pew when I attend fellowship: I am by nature a people watcher, more than a people gatherer ;-)

David, Dennie, and Charlette were cut-ups and I laughed a lot.

I needed those moments of light-heartedness.

After Keenager’s I called Bob's youngest and tallest brother, Kerry, to see if he was going to be at his town place this weekend – he is – and I asked if he could come over and help me hang my hummingbird feeders; he can. Sunday. I am glad – I hate getting on ladders and my arms are too short anyway: he is at least 6’7” and has long arms. Perfect to hang the feeders :-D After we chatted some and hung up, I finished up my shopping in town:

I am a short person (5’2”), so I bought some chain, bolt snaps, and key rings to bring the feeders down to my level for easier hanging. I put this together as soon as I got home. Even before I put groceries away – I wanted to put it together while thinking about how I wanted it to hang. It may not look pretty, but it will do what I need it to do :-D

I wanted the hanging apparatus’ to be strong enough to safely hang the feeders heavy with hummingbird nectar, and sturdy enough to withstand the sudden gusts of river winds when they blow through here: I think this set-up will do – the single bolt snaps will go up by the porch roof, and the double bolt snaps will go down by the feeders for easy peasy off/on actions. Kerry will hang the chains from the front porch plant hanger hooks already in place, and I can take things from there ;-) I hope this chain length will be long enough so I do not have to use a ladder … but even if I do have to use a short ladder, I should be able to reach the lower end of chains to hang the bird feeders without getting hit with a wave of vertigo.

Then I bought a dehydrator – I had to go to 3 different stores before finally finding one! Every store, but Fred Meyers, told me they “do not sell in-store, but of you go online …” Well, I did NOT want to shop online! I wanted to walk into a store and be able to buy a dehydrator off the shelf >:-P There was ONLY ONE in Fred Meyer’s, so I snatched it up and thanked Yeshua all the way to the checkout line ;-)

This is a very nice dehydrator. It has 4 racks and 1 jerk/fruit leather round. And it has different temperature setting too: that is a very good feature!

Last, but not least, I bought a little grill. Again, there was not much to choose from.

My George Foreman tabletop grill died a decade ago and I have not been able to replace it because no one is selling them anymore – or anything even remotely close to an actual tabletop griller. This Panni Grill is the closest thing I could see that resembles what I am wanting, so I hope it will grill hamburgers and steaks as well as sandwiches …

And those 2 counter-top additions pretty much limited the counter-top space. LOL


Today I planted some new types of garden plants that I have never grown before – 2 herbs: 1 also a flower bush hummingbirds and bees like; and 1 vegetable:

TURMERIC growing in a container I got decades ago from Bob's grandmother. I will use this old beat up pot until it falls apart because it represents love to me - I loved Myrtle & she loved both of us. One time when we were dating and stopped to visit her on our way to the beach, she said to me, "I like you; you are good for Bobby.". She accepted me into the family 100% from the get-go, and that meant a lot to Bob & me.
TURMERIC IN BLOOM. Bob, if he were still walking Earth with me, would like this pretty tropical plant (https://balconygardenweb.com/growing-turmeric-in-pots-how-to-grow-turmeric-care-uses-benefits/).

Then I repotted my German Thyme because it was looking pretty bedraggled and shaggy. It really NEEDED repotting …

My garden is totally {in} now, and if I find that some seeds do not sprout, I still have some leftover seedling transplants to fill the empty spaces that are growing like weeds and need an outside home ;-)

On an unexpected, but very welcome note: while I was watering my flowerbeds out front of the house, I happened to glance up and noticed that Tessa – moldy house neighbor – had a moving truck outside her home:

Thank YOU, sweet Jesus! A moving van is parked in the frankenhouse's driveway :-D Hopefully future neighbors will do some actual yard work, treat the black mold issue, paint the house, and BE good neighbors.

Her son showed up bright and early this morning and was using a weed eater to hack away at the hayfield they call their backyard – now he is back with a moving van and telling the lady across the street that his mom is “thinking about selling the house”.


What a banner week!

First Ron Cook put his house on the market and is moving …

And now Tessa is putting her house on the market and moving.

She’ll not get much because she has steadfastly refused to maintain the house (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/01/thursday-bible-study-matthew-11.html) – and Candy Scott, the non-manager Park manager, actually TOLD Bob and I during her murderous rampage on our front porch last August that directly led to Bob’s death, that Tessa told her the mold had been ‘professionally cleaned’: a bold faced lie that Candy never followed up on because it is easier for her to swallow a lie than it is for her to actually DO her job.

Tessa’s house is a moldy mess and she has let her front/back yards go to ruin too.

Now if Candy Scott would pack up and leave the Park too, I’d be tickled pink ;-)

1 by 1 Elohim is exacting the justice Bob & I have been denied from these 2 residents; and I am sure He will do the same with the egotistic power-grabbing Park manager.

Karma, baby.


Elohim is overruling Candy Scott's biased and willfully uninformed judgments; and He is turning the previous hellish 22 months we have lived here into something ALL NEW.

On the wings of prayer, this new chapter in my life – with troublemakers fleeing the premises – may bring real, deep, healing that has not been possibe yet following my husband's physical death.

It is hard to move forward when hampered on every side by his killers on both sides of our home.

Thank Elohei for His never-ending presence/support in my life 24/7/365.

Thank Elohim for His grace to carry on in face of the unrelenting persecutions I have had to deal with before and after my husband's physical death brought on by power-grabbing Candy's arrogant ignorance, self-centered Ron's narcissistic paranoia's, and brazen Tessa's lazy rebellion.

Praise Yeshua for His loving mercy and sustaining salvation by which I can stand strong and tall in spite of all that has been happening to/around me.

Thank Bob for my garden boxes so lovingly designed, built, and placed, that gives me something beneficial to do, so I don't sit around and cry all the time now that he is no longer  here with me.

I love you Babe :-D