I'll Meet You There ...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


This morning before I even had my cup of coffee to sweeten my vocal cords or wash the sleepy hoarseness from my throat, I started on the Globe Basil because today is pretty much gone already and it hasn’t even started yet – the day has been pre-scheduled through the Summer months and it can’t be changed. So …

I picked off all the sun scorched leaves (it has been in the high 90’s here the last couple of days), the ends that started to bud, and a few discolored leaves that never saw the sunlight and trashed those, keeping only the perky pungent green leaves; I really like this basil because it grows in a nice round shape and doesn’t get leggy. I like other basils too – especially the large fat leafed Italian Basil & Lemon Basil, and have grown them in past gardens: but this year there just wasn’t enough space so I went with Globe ;-)

Anyhow … I picked the sprigs over, tied the 5 sprig bundles with a length of crochet cotton thread, put up the hanging rack, and set the bundles to dry; keeping a few sprigs out to freeze for fresh basil recipes:

GLOBE BASIL bundles set to dry

The TV Room is the only place to set up the hanging rack, so that is the room I used – every other room is too bright with all the windows and skylights, and the master bathroom would be too sultry due to the hot water showers; so setting the rack behind the recliner in the TV Room was the best choice. I got enough set to dry for my small family needs and I’m happy with that :-D