I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, September 2, 2019


My older sister, Iris, died this evening at 5:30 CDT ... 5 hrs/27 minutes ago.

I always knew about Iris, since I was 10 years old - and heard the adults talking. I was always curious: I wanted to know about this person who was older than me.

I asked questions ... and was immediately shut down. The adults talked about her existence among themselves - but they didn't think "that" was something to be shared with "a child".

I don't know what would have happened had my parents not met, got married, and got pregnant with me. I know they were all caught up in wartime drama; and the result was electrifying.

But, since finding out about her, I always loved Iris - ALWAYS. There wasn't a day gone by since I heard her name mentioned, that I did not love her.

When I met my husband, and we started dating exclusively, I told him about my older sister; who I never met, but was aware of. I told him that I loved her; and I wished I could know her. I wondered what she looked like - where she lived (did she live in Germany, or did she live in the USA) - I hoped she had a good life.

And I always hoped we would meet someday.

Elohim was faithful :-D

That day came shortly after Bob graduated to his forever home above the clouds, December 14th, 2018 - Iris called me shortly thereafter. My youngest sister, Carla had done a 23nme DNA test and that is how we all connected.

Though we didn't actually meet face-to-face, our hearts did meet via a phone call and FB connection following:

I was excited! Elohim was answering a prayer decades old: He was favoring me with my sister's voice!

I wished Bob could have been here for that airwaves "meeting"!

Bob would have liked Iris too - she was SO EASY to like.

Iris & I talked several times - phone & FB; I cherished every convo.

She will be forever missed in my life.

I feel blessed to have had time spent getting to know her - brief though it was.