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Thursday, November 8, 2018


With Hubs being in and out of the hospital so much, and with us using the hospital Bridge Program to pay for all the hospitalization and doctor appointments, I felt that I should do something by way of a payback – money is out of the question; if we had a million dollars, we wouldn’t be using the hospital Bridge Program. While I was visiting Hubs one day, a nurse saw me reading a novel covered by one of the book covers I had crocheted for myself and asked if I had made it … I said, “Yes, I did – we were doing the PNW Bazaar circuit before our lives took a sharp turn south”. And she asked if I would be interested in using my talented skill to make dontable items for the hospitals beneficiary program for patients that need handmade things like hats and blankets. I said yes in quick reply. That IS something I CAN DO … and I already have several of those items in my bazaar bin cache already made and waiting for someplace to go ;-)

Last night I finished work on this baby blanket and just finished weaving in the ends a few minutes ago. A swaddling blanket is just a small baby blanket; lightweight, soft, and warm. Generally about a square in dimensions measuring 48”x48” sq. inches (blanket shown is quite a bit smaller). Cost varies between $15 and $50 for manufactured swaddling blankets that don’t look half as nice as something homemade: MPO. I have no idea yet what it will cost me in materials to make my blanket because though the yarn has never been used, it is not newly purchased and the receipt has long been shredded with the other paper refuse I shred and put in my garden beds.

I am posting the original pattern below, from my ‘Jack Frost’ vol. 47 pattern book, but I have made personalized changes to my swaddling blanket while using the original pattern … as I always do, whatever I make. I always like to put my own signature on everything I make ;-)

CARRIAGE COVER BLANKET (original pattern; Jack Frost design)

Materials: 1 pair #3 knitting needles, 14’ Length; Jack Frost Pompadour (or Paradise) yarn, six count 3-3/4 oz. skiens

Size: 28’ x 28”

With needles, cast on 164 sts. Knit 34 rows garter st. Then start pattern as follows:

ROW 1: K 23, *K 6, P 2, repeat from * 13 times; K 29.

ROW 2: K 23, P 118, K 23.

ROW 3: Repeat row 1.

ROW 4: K.

Above 4 rows form Pattern. Repeat them until piece above garter st rows measures 27 inches – finish by knitting 34 rows garter st for edging. BO

pattern in progress

A very simple pattern that looks very nice when completed :-D