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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Deplorable Trump Hating Old Hag Is Kicked Off Airplane

This old woman is deplorable. I would like to feel sorry for her browbeaten husband … but I don’t. He’s limp-wristed timid (until he spoke I honestly though he was a she in men’s clothing) and the old cantankerous and hateful battle-axe is probably suffering from liberal dementia.

President Trumps Double Whammies obama :-D :-D

And YET ANOTHER quick and decisive move to fulfill a campaign pledge:
The White House just released six issue statements on its website, including one titled “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community.”
In it, the Trump White House pledged to be a “law and order administration” while stopping what it characterized as a “dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.”

Trump has promised to restore “law and order,” portrayed the country’s inner cities as ridden with crime, and criticized what he described as a “war on police.”
The statement also takes aim at protest movements such as black lives matter and other such domestic terrorist organizations that have murderously demonstrated against what they view as discriminatory police actions and other social and economic inequities.
Isn’t it wonderful to have a real man in the Oval Office with mature cajones who isn’t afraid to rock the boat in order to make American a better place to raise our children in?

President Trump Gives barak hussain obama a HUGE Black Eye

Asian press reports are that President Donald Trump has moved quickly to put his policy of “America First” into action by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (((THANK YOU JESUS!)))

By pulling out of the trade deal, which was barak hussain obama’s trade program (I wonder if he’s feeling that bruising black eye yet?),President Trump marked a quick and significant shift away from globalism.
Can someone give this decisive move a resounding AMEN???

Mindless Minions

So, did any of you women here feel proud that a bunch of old women,  clueless girls, and confused men marched in DC on your behalf?

Hopelessly confused gang of protesters of the meaningless women's dc march 2017

Groups of aimless and confused men and women with too much time on their dirty and bloody hands marched in DC in protest after President Trump’s Inauguration. They waved and shook all kinds of signs filled with leftist platitudes and political propaganda and empty-headed fear-mongering … but in all reality I’m not entirely sure what it is they’re protesting as they also brought their menfolk with them to protest against male oppression. It all seemed like a pretty confused motley lot that appeared dazed and angrily bitter over pointless points they hoped to make.

This is what a feminist looks like? Seriously?? Sorry but a male simply cannot be a feminist … the entire feminist movement started out as separation from the male gender. These folks are obviously very confused as to what they are protesting and why there is even a feminist movement.
This fella seems to have gotten his causes mixed up – he’s in the wrong protest with the wrong message

(((NEWS FLASH hoohoowood dimwits!))) We are in America, and IN America women can:

Walk around with their hair showing – or sport a bald head if that is their fetish

Drive a car … or a track, a motorcycle, a tank, a boat, a plane or a jet

Get an education – and go further than kindergarten; they can actually make it all the way to University of choice

Get a mortgage and buy a home – all by themselves without a male co-signee

They can be doctors as well as nurses some even advance as far as surgeon

Lawyers – Courtroom as well as Corporate


Politicians – past local Civic politics … they can run for President of the USA

Singers – well past vaudeville comedy acts; though some like those marching seem to have stopped at that particular point


Architects and athletes

They can be ministers or atheists

They can have a child without a man but appear to feel the need kill their offspring with a male’s input

Except an unborn human’s rights; most babies aborted are female, which makes the sign these 2 are holding a sad and pathetic twisted joke.
LIES. Like I said, a very confused bunch of losers gathering ...

They can marry another woman ... though that woman views herself as a male; so not sure what progress that would actually be

Speak their minds, though as evidenced by the motley mindless mob that rallied in DC, they appear to have no minds

Protest … and there doesn’t even have to BE a real or valid reason: narcissistic boredom seems to fit their criteria

Leave the house without a male chaperone and aren’t treated like property … though these particular women brought their male counterparts with them just to show that they ‘don’t belong to anyone’ and ‘can stand alone’

Mostly men at this women's march ... perhaps they have been neutered and are now ball-less eunuchs that are ordered to 'go there and do this'?
Who is ‘the puppet’? I’d say it’s the fella holding the puppet sign … too dense to know he’s a male being played. Perhaps he is a sad prophet heralding his own demise ... 

I still don’t know what exactly it was that they all felt the need to march against, or why they felt the need to march at all. I’m pretty sure that President Trump being vilified doesn’t change how women are viewed in America. In fact, being a woman myself, I’m positive it didn’t. So in reality, they just decided to gather and throw a giant hissy fit because their equally clueless and scandalous candidate lost. In which case, they’re being sore losers, and being sore losers is never a good thing because it shows a lack of grace and dignity.

Plus, nobody likes sore losers ...

P.S: I did hear madonna – the global overpaid mannequin that models tacky underwear designed by homosexual fashion hacks while she screams into the mic – threaten to bomb the White House: that remark deserves to be followed up by the FBI and she should be locked away as a clear and present danger to the President. These people are way out of control and a danger to society with their insane hatred.

Somehow this sign seems to mock their entire ideology as they ARE intent on being murderously malicious … towards babies and towards our President.

And they tried to infiltrate America with foreign protesters to boot! Thankfully they were halted at the Canadian border and turned away. You know it’s a failed cause when they have to IMPORT protesters for their cause because it’s a lame duck fiasco as far as Americans are concerned. For pete’s sake.

Canadian riffraff turned away at our USA Border - also packed with men and intent on bringing babies into the mad melee. GOOD JOB BORDER PATROL!
The protesters have proven to be domestic terrorists - we have enough of our own, we do NOT need or want Canada's troublemakers.

Not only that, the protesting pigs left DC looking like a pig pen:

Not cool. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously or hears what they have to say. It’s a dying cause egged on by dying psychopathic socialites, psychotic celebrities, and everyday brainwashed morons.