I'll Meet You There ...

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Today Hubs is much stronger and able to do more on his own, so I decided that today would be ‘Fall Clean-up Day’ here :-D

I kinda rushed it because I didn’t want to leave him alone for too long even though I had my phone and he would call if he needed me to come back inside. But it was seriously “touch-and-go” all of last week in the hospital hell he was thrust into, and he is just now getting his strength back after all the misdiagnoses and mismanagement of the local hospital staff: he went in for a simple ER exam to find out why he was vomiting so violently, and they pretty much held him hostage while they practiced medicine on him “since he has not seen a doctor in 8 years time”, until I insisted they ((((STOP!)))) all the drips, IV’s, monitoring, and misdiagnosis crap his 2nd day in ICU. He made it clear that if he was dying (and he was thanks to the hospital 'helpers' – I even called our children and grandchildren to the hospital to see him one last time; and my sister and BIL came and sat with us too), he wanted to die at home. I am on board with that decision (we have a standing DNR Order and once the doctor was aware of that, he respected that decision) – the hospital had him on his death bed in a very short period of time with their {help}, which (caused my husband to go into heart, lung, and kidney failure in a matter of hours, as well as a drug-induced fog that scared the kids and had the doctors thinking he was ready for the psych ward!). So I made the “executive decision” and decided to honor/enforce the DNR Order since a death watch was in effect. Once the drips were shut down, the IV’s pulled, and the monitors shut off … Hubs did a total turn around overnight, becoming his normal self again with ALL vitals on a ‘normal level’, which shocked the attending doctors and technicians … to the glory of Elohei, Who is The Great Physician and Healer! Since he left that hospital hell-hole, he is doing much better. Praise Adonai :-D But my in-laws (MIL and SIL’s) who do not approve of the DNR Order, seriously overstepped Hub’s wishes and my decisions the entire week of that hospital nightmare – going so far as to attempt a hospital kidnapping to rush him to another State & another hospital of their choosing (!), and for THAT attempted coup, they have had their welcome cards pulled indefinitely at this point. Hubs made THAT very clear to them yesterday when they called to talk to him AFTER being told they were not welcome in our lives following the failed kidnapping coup. Some people just never learn >:-P Their drama was ridiculous. And infuriating.

We know who and what caused the stress-related vomiting (we did not understand why the vomit looked like it did, hence the ER trip that was a major mistake), and we are dealing with the situation that brought on the stress-related reaction; and praying for guidance concerning toughing the situation/person out … or moving to another locale. BIG decision as we will lose a considerable amount of $$$$$ if moving is our only hope of getting away from Candy Scott’s harassments. Everything she was bitching about and making a scene about was approved by the previous manager – she refuses to acknowledge that. Had she spoken with the previous manager as we requested she would have also known that since my husband has died twice (on record with said hospital as well known by previous manager) she would perhaps have gone about her power drama differently. Maybe; on the other hand, knowing Candy, probably not. She is a power-drunk egomaniac, with no people skills whatsoever. People like Candy should NEVER be placed in positions of power … not even a little bit of power.

So today I mailed a letter to Candy …

{{September 12th, 2018

Candice Scott, Manager
Heron Pointe

Regarding the accusatory confrontation that took place on our front porch when you visited at our home, August 29th, 2018 to make silly assumptive charges of tomato and apple trespass as well as baseless accusations of lidless rain barrels – demanding that we remove both along with the planter boxes that offend our next door neighbor Ron, and the resulting emergency admittance of my husband to St. John’s ICU Unit September 1st, 2018 brought on from the stressful fallout of your visit, I have spoken with The Judge this evening of September 12th, 2018, and He has advised me to forgive you and move forward. I can do that, hence this letter stating so. You are forgiven. And I am moving forward.

NO EVIDENCE of Candy's accusations, insinuations, or assumptions. None; Nada.
LIDS on ran barrels are CLEAR to SEE ... all her accusations were false and aimless.

It was further advised that you and I continue all future communication via paper trail to be reviewed by your corporate attorneys as you wish; that way there will be no misunderstandings from hereon. I agree and concur with The Judge that a paper trail communication is the best way to move forward with ease for both of us.

I am also requesting that you remove me from the upcoming holiday Bazaar table-holding and open my Bazaar Table reservation for someone else as I will not be attending where you are in residence due to your reticence to work with us on any issue concerning us here, at Heron Pointe. I believe that will suit you also.

Ron's strobing carport night light that wakes us up in the wee morning hours - it even defies window blinds and curtains! Candy does not have a problem with this ...

Again, I forgive you. And I am moving forward. I expect you will do the same.


… and then I headed outdoors and tackled Fall chores:

This afternoon I pulled my potted Geraniums off the Front Porch/steps and will overwinter them under the porch; backside of porch.
This geranium is pretty tall - it may suffer some frost damage even under cover. We'll see come Spring. Either they will be set out IF we stay - or they ill be packed up and moved to thrive elsewhere.
This one, on top of the contained geraniums, might get a little frostbit too ...
While dinking around with the geranium storage, I moved the Strawberry Jar too that is (according to Candy Scott) giving jerk neighbor Ron, heartburn.
And while I was at it outside, I snapped a pic of the clearly defined Boundary Marker - CLEAR EVIDENCE that Ron is stealing our property and his bitching is ridiculous - my planter boxes are at least 6- to 8-inches away from the marker ON OUR SIDE as is shown CLEAR TO SEE in the next picture below - yet Ron claims we are trespassing. HE is the 'trespasser', not us. It won’t matter with Candy … but I am filing it anyway ‘just in case’ they want to push a civil suit. Morons.
That white rock that Ron is claiming as his is on OUR side of the line. The boxes are NOT going to be moved. End of story.
Expecting rain sometime today, I also started harvesting the few carrots I was able to get planted this season - they are a fair size. Just the right size actually for what I use them for ;-)
Not a bad haul: I managed to harvest half a grocery bag of carrots for baking, soups, and salad crunchies. They were planted late, so this is a good haul ;-)
I cut a few sprigs of Rosemary too, to root in water indoors, and pot up inside this Fall-Winter. It will go outside in the Spring.
Pitiful harvest of Parsley, but it will do.
Last of the Onions.
And I pulled the hummingbird feeders down from where they hung in the Front Porch. Later tonight I will clean and store them until Spring. If we stay ... otherwise, they will be packed and hung in a new locale.
Whewie! Around 4:45 p.m., a rainstorm arrived and started kicking up a fuss ...
Overhead, gray clouds saturated with water are letting loose. Thunder too.
Don't know what's wrong out there ... but the street is not draining properly and the deluge is deepening with every second. The Park makes us all keep the debris out of the storm drain pathways, so I don’t know why the rain is piling up instead of draining. It’s raining pretty intensely … maybe the drains can’t handle the volume?