I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, July 15, 2019


It can happen any moment
Without reason or rhyme
It might be right around the corner
Or it'll come up from behind
A picture that I thought would fade
I still clearly see
When the thought of you
Catches up with me

It can happen on a Sunday drive
The sky above a shade of blue
Headed down some lonesome highway
Then you come into view
Mile after mile goes by
But you're all I see
When the thought of you
Catches up with me

When the thought of you comes to mind
It'll carry me away to a better place and time
It can happen in the dead of night
Any day of the week
Sometimes you'll come find me
When I'm in bed asleep
And I'll have that dream about you
I sure love what I see
When the thought of you
Catches up with me


Missing you, Babe.

I need you - and know that part of us, can never be again.

I don't mean to cry: I really AM happy that you are with Yeshua, enjoying a life I can only imagine until I get there too.

But I miss you.

When you look down on me, know that I love you.




I woke up to rain tap-dancing on my rooftop this morning, so a walk and outside work is delayed until the rain lets up. The forecast says that isn’t going to happen until Thursday …

… so, I got busy making a kitchen towel set for myself.

The towels I have now are getting ratty - cotton yarn does not hold up well; it bleeds out and pills pretty bad over time; so I need new ones.

The towel I worked up today will be a welcome addition to my kitchen, and I like the color combo - that will go nice with my kitchen too; the variegated yarn will highlight my stone floor very nicely:

Leaves Graph I found on Pinterest; and adapted to MOD Kitchen Towel.
Towel Embroidery using the Duplicate Stitch technique.
Fall's color embroidery completed: time to finish knitting towel to length desired.
Back of towel embroidery detail.
.I have hoarded this button for years waiting for the {right} piece of work to use it on - I think it fits this towel ...
Fall's Colors Kitchen Towel/Dishcloth Set completed. I LIKE it ;-)
The stone flooring in my kitchen - it's real stone, not faux stone tiles. I think it is beautiful. Bob indulged me with it when we remodeled the kitchen in September 2017; shortly after buying our home. Understand now why I am keeping the house? EVERYWHERE I look inside & outside our home are mementos of the love my husband lavished upon me.

While working, I happened to lift my head and caught a glimpse of tassels on my Painted Corn plants! It is waaay to early for that. So, I went online to see if I could find out why the corn is showing tassels this early in the game; and read that this occurs when plants are under stress.

I am going to hazard a wild guess here, and think that perhaps my garden plants are stressed because there is no sunshine, and the weather temperature is schizoid due to the depressing gray clouds that NEVER LIFTS or moves along >:-P

All my plants are stressed – not just the corn.


My new neighbor's grandparents are so nice - they have been over there every day fixing things that need to be done before she moves in completely with her son: today they are ripping the carpet out and laying new flooring. Grandpa was just here asking if they were making too much noise - heck no! The table saws are music to my ears.
It is good to see so much love in action again; instead of the constant antagonizing nonsense that was over there before.
Every day after work, the new owner shows up with her son to pack things into her new home. And her father shows up a little later on to help.
But it is her Grandparents that I think are totally awesome because they are so peppy and busy around the place lavishing her with love in action.
And they brag on their granddaughter, and their great-grandson too  ;-)
It is a right for people to make their home a place of their own. I hope Candy leaves them alone.
Actually, I hope and pray Candy is soon history like Ron.
But, until that day happens, I hope Candy leaves them alone.
They are really NICE people. I like talking with them all.
I prayed for nice neighbors ;-)