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Monday, July 31, 2017

MOD Booklets For My Little Prince

I started this little project in April and have completed a set of A through Z Booklets for my little prince; he likes to be read to and I think he’ll like these ;-)

I just unpacked this old Franklin Mint Porcelain Animals Sets and set it up the other day… some figurines match MOD Booklets; my little prince will enjoy touching them and holding them while listening to his own personal story written just for him by ‘gamma’.
A few of MOD Home Education Booklets A-Z; Farm-Forest theme. MO storyline utilizes free public domain internet Pre - K Coloring Pages and Worksheets. So far these Booklets pictured are the only Booklets I have made that matches a few of the Old Franklin Mint Porcelain Animals Sets: I have more ideas for future Booklets that will spin off these ones to keep the theme going.

I created my own "cuddle-time" storyline around imaginary/characterized ‘toddler aged’ farm and forest animals, and fleshed MOD booklets out with Preschool & Kindergarten internet coloring pages/worksheets to match my impromptu storyline. Each booklet has between 10 to 14 pages total and the storyline is humorously simple to grab/keep his interest, yet educationally informative concerning the animal portrayed – and made to be used like a lite workbook with super easy mazes, various types of easy puzzles, simple dot-to-dot pages, simple counting, easy letter tracing, P - K word comprehension, simple pictures matches, Shapes, ect: everything a 3-5 year old would need to know without overwhelming him with the political nonsense he doesn’t need forced on him at this tender age.

Due to domestic complications with the boy's father, we have not seen our little prince in quite a while, but if we ever get to see him again these little books will be waiting - and if he's too big for them ... I make new ones ;-)

MOD Knit Pink Philippine Flower Slippers

I thought I’d try a new design theme this year – flowers.

I’ve done marine life, chameleons, dinosaurs, pandas and foxes over the years, but this is my first attempt at mimicking flowers.

This design is my first at designing round a flower … basically to see if I could. I chose a Philippine flower because I am thinking a lot of my grandson lately:

Pink Philippine flower with yellow throat.
MOD Pink Philippine Flower Slippers

These slippers are not for sale; I need a new pair of slippers, so I am keeping these ones for myself ;-)

Every time I wear them I will be thinking of my handsome, dearly loved ... and desperately missed ... 3 year old American-Filipino grandson.